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Empress Ki

The story of the woman that would become Empress Ki, and her struggles as she worked her way through war, political conspiracies, and the imperial palace to become Empress of China. This Korean Drama re-imagines the historical figure as a fierce, independent woman who goes to extreme lengths to protect those she loves.
Season 1 - Empress Ki
"The Emperor continues to drink Kolta's poison knowing that Kolta is the head of the Eagle House. The Dowager kills herself in front of Nyang by drinking poison."
"Nyang finally becomes the Empress of Yuan and Wang Yu gains his throne. Nyang is trying to find out about the Eagle House and confiscate their assets."
"Nyang is sent to the temple to repent for her sins and ask for forgiveness. Wang Yu sends all the grains he bought to the palace to distribute to the people."
"Nyang keeps the Emperor locked up in her room so that no one will know that he is awake. Bayan is sent to prison for trying to kill Nyang and her son Ayu."
"Wang Yu visits Maha and decides that he is going to take him to Koyro and tell him everything. The Eagle House wants Yom Byung Soo to go see Bayan."
"Nyang runs to save Maha's life after finding out that he is her real son. Maha's true identity is revealed and he is kicked out of the palace."
"The Empress finds out about Maha's secret about his birth by threatening Yon Hwa. Nyang tells the Dowager and Maha that she will reveal all the secrets soon."
"Kim Sunju comes right on time to save Wang Yu and his servants from being executed. The Emperor breaks the promise with Nyang and start to drink again."
"The Dowager and Bayan frames Wang Yu of selling explosives to enemy states of Yuan. Wang Yu is stripped of his title and dragged to Yuan by the prince and Tanguishi."
"Wang Yu returns to Koryo and takes command by refusing to provide for Yuan any longer. Bayan takes his men to war with surrounding countries and tries to take them over."
"Nyang and Wangyu begins their plan to remove the money from El Temur's house. Tal Tal finds out that he has been tricked by Nyang and rushes back to see the secret room empty."
"Nyang finally finds out about the secret funds El Temur has been collecting. Bayan announces to the Emperor that he wants to go to war and conquer surrounding countries."
"Bayan Hudu becomes the new empress and Nyang continues the search for the secret funds. Wang Yu is also searching for the secret funds to help Nyang become the empress."
"The Dowager opposes Nayng becoming the empress and makes Bayan bring his niece to run Nyang out. The former empress was hanged from the square for the public to see."
"Nyang is in the Ice Palace and calls everyone in to start planning to defend the Emperor while Bayan takes the palace. Wangyu complete's his job by opening the gate for Bayan's soldiers to enter."
"Bayan begins his plan to go to war with El Temur and marches to the capitol. El Temur receives word from his men that his son is bringing Bayan and won the war."
"After Nyang recovered the talisman and broke the curse, El Temur begins to have nightmares. Wangyu begins to train the bums Wongjin brought as new recruits."
"The Emperor comes to save Nyang and her servants from being punished for the Emperor's injury. The Empress decides to use a curse to try and kill Nyang."
"Nyang and the Emperor survive the coup but the Emperor is shot by a poison arrow. Wang Yu gets stabbed in the process of helping Nyang run away from the guards."
"Nyang avoids the bullet from El Temur and makes another governer the culprit of the attempted assassination of the Prince. The Empress calls in Wang Yu and Nyang together for a drink."
"The Emperor speaks in front of El Temur and also shows him that he can read. Tal Tal brings the spies from Eagle House in front of the governors."
"Nyang and Wangyu finally meet together and go their own ways. Feisu finally completes deciphering the book they found in Huksu's house."
"WangYu finds out about Nyang's situation from Tal Tal after they arrest Huksu. Nyang continues her revenge on the Empress."
"Nyang begins her plan to take the empress' power away from her. Wangyu meets with Hukso to get Musong back by telling Hukso that he is the husband of El Temur's niece."
"Nyang begins to teach the Emperor how to read and write every night by disguising it as a party. The empress decides to lock Nyang in the archives and give her an impossible task to finish."
"Nyang becomes a consort and begins to fight with the empress with the support of other people from Koryo. Wangyu is fighting to stop counterfeit money from entering Liaoyang."
"Nyang begins the selection process for the consorts as she fights through the obstacles the empress sets up. Wang Yu continues to find who is behind the counterfeit money."
"Nyang is found by Bayan in Liaoyang province while she is being sold as a slave. Nyang discovers the blood vow and shows it to Bayan."
"Nyang gives birth to a son with a unique dot on his feet. The emperor and Wang yu finds out about Nyang and plans their revenge against the empress."
"The emperor decides to hide injured Nyang in the pavilion so the regent's men cannot find her. Nyang's party is attacked by thieves while they were trying to help Nyang escape."
"WangYu receives permission from the Regent to return to Koguryo to visit his "sick" father. Nyang and two others stay behind to look for Jukho to find the blood vow."
"Wangyu meets with the Dowager and wins her trust. Wangyu asks Nyang if she wants to be his Queen once he goes back to Koryo."
"Wangyu and Yeonchul comes up with a plan to fake Yeonchul's death to find out who are loyal to him. Nyang tell the emperor that she does not want him to speak to her again."
"The palace fills with rats and begin the curse of the late Khan. The emperor decides to actively search for the Blood Vow."
"The Emperor and the Queen Dowager ask Wang Yu if he is interested in marrying one of the princesses. The Emperor opens a shadow play for Yang but uninvited guests decide to join them."
"El Temur tries to find the one who sent the appeal. Wang Yu finds out that Sungnyang was the one to help and decides to not see her again."
"Wang Yu comes up with a plan to infuriate El Temur, but needs Sungnyang to accomplish it. The Emperor challenges Wang Yu to a soccer match."
"Wang Yu brings victory with him to the Yuan Palace. The previous Yuan Emperor is said to have written a blood vow before his death and all are scrambling to find it."
"Lady Pak is brought in front of the inquisition to be re-examined. Sungnyang receives a written promise to be let out of the palace, but gets caught by the Emperor."
"Nyang is ordered to spread rumors that Lady Pak is faking her pregnancy. General Bayan disguises himself as Batolu, but runs into unexpected trouble on the battlefield."
"The Empress orders Sungnyang to feed Lady Pak a powder that will cause her a miscarriage. The Emperor further suspects Nyang of being Sungnyang."
"The Koryo King leads his men to their first victory against the Turks. The Emperor makes Sungnyang a part of his retinue."
"The Koryo King defeats Yom and takes command, but is given poor resources to prepare for battle. El Temur is enraged when he finds out that the Emperor has taken in a concubine."
"Sungnyang plots to take revenge on Emperor Togon during his wedding ceremony. The King of Koryo and Yom Byongsu are to duel to see who will be commander."
"The King of Koryo finds out that Sungnyang is a woman and tires to protect her from Tangqishi. Meanwhile, at the capital of Yuan, Tanasiri is taking lessons to be empress."
"Yom falls for Sungnyangs trick and brings in Prince Togon's body into the palace. Prince Togon becomes conflicted about choosing to tell the truth or becoming emperor of Yuan."
"Sungnyang and Prince Togon continue their way to Kaegyong to find the Koryo King. Meanwhile, El Temur takes Koryo's palace under his command."
"The Yaun Prince asks Sungnyang to teach him how to defend himself. El Temur plans a full-on attack on Daechong Island in order to kill the prince."
"Sungnyang mistakes the Yuan Prince for a Yuan soldier. For the prince's protection, the Koryo King barricades the prince within the Koryo palace."
"Sungnyang reveals to the Crown Prince that there is a spy among them. Prince Togon is exiled to Koryo."
"Sungnyang disguises herself as a man and works to free women who were sent to be Yuan concubines. King Wang Ko orders Sungnyang to get close to Wang Yu to lure him into an ambush."