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Drive Share

Comedy show focusing on the drivers and bizarre passengers who use the world’s most popular ride share app.

Duration: 9 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 3

Season 1 - Drive Share
"A man with dildo hands takes a ride, and a couple's proposal does not go as planned."
"A passenger thinks Drive Share black has an entirely different meaning and a different passenger experiences a self-driving car."
"Religious men are on a mission to recruit members, and a wrestler who never wins takes a ride."
"A driver struggles to set a driving record plus a screenwriter passenger talks through some ideas."
"We get a glimpse of an apocalyptic Drive Share world and a woman learns that she is becoming a porn star."
"A passenger takes part in a very specific Cash Cab and a driver tries to make his passengers have sex."
"One driver cannot find his passenger, while another gets an answer to the question, would you make out with your twin?"
"A negligent step-mother takes a ride with her step-son, and a driver encounters her ex-boyfriend."
"A couple deals with some marital problems in their ride, while a man is handling his stab wound in another ride."
"Frenemies go on a ride and a driver and passenger play some games."