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Drama Club

This mockumentary-style comedy series follows a group of middle schoolers as they shine a light on the inner workings of their school’s overlooked drama club.

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2021

IMDb: 6.1

Season 1 - Drama Club
"The club has trouble getting through the final dress rehearsal before Bench drops some big news."
"Phantom of Farth Auditorium: When things start to go missing from the theater, the drama club investigates who might be behind it, including possibly a ghost!"
"Slumber Games: The Drama Club participates in an all school game of capture the flag in order to earn some respect, but when Bench says he is going to play for the football team instead, they are worried about their chances."
"Darcy is excited to go to the school dance this year, but Mack is determined to avoid it at all costs after an embarrassing incident at the last one."
"The drama club attempts to make a viral video to boost ticket sales for the show."
"After a string of bad luck, Mack decides to wear her lucky poncho to turn things around, but causes a rift between her and Oliver."
"When Darcy takes everyone's cellphones because they are too distracted to rehearse, the drama club faces new challenges; Bench and Skip visit the scariest place in the school: the library."
"Bench gets a Drama Club style makeover to help him adjust to the group, but they accidentally create a theatrical nightmare when he takes it too far."
"Mack is excited to take over as student director of the Drama Club, and earn the new school principal's support. When the club's choreographer goes down with an injury, the Drama Club is forced to turn to a rival on the football team for help."