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Dominion Creek

The story of the Connolly Brothers; three Irish emigrants who travel from Montana to the Yukon during the Klondike gold rush of the 1890’s in the hope of striking it rich where they become embroiled in a deadly feud with the man who runs the town.
Season 2 - Dominion Creek
"In the final episode of this Western series, the town of Dominion is engulfed by murder and mayhem as Captain Pat's plans come to fruition. Tom and Séamus Connolly embark on a mission of revenge."
"As the date of Captain Pat's trial approaches, a plan is put in place to guarantee Pádraig Connolly's silence. Meanwhile Jacob Hopkins is struck down by the typhoid epidemic that has gripped the town."
"Micí Bán Connolly's actions lead to a rift between Tom and Séamus Connolly. The typhoid epidemic worsens, and Kate struggles to come to terms with the discovery that her baby is still alive."
"Tom and Séamus Connolly are looking to consolidate their position in Dominion but their plans are complicated by the arrival of some new faces to the town. Meanwhile, Pádraig Connolly struggles to help contain an outbreak of typhoid."
Season 1 - Dominion Creek