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Doctor in the House

The misadventures of a group of medical students.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1969

IMDb: 7.7

Season 2 - Doctor in the House
"Mike's studying hard for his finals exam. While the other boys have finished, Mike still has two to go.! While cramming for his last test, Mike has a headache & takes two sleeping pills instead of aspirin as he rushes off for the test. Mike falls asleep on the Bus & has to hitch a ride with a man on a motorscooter."
"Prof.Loftus invites Mike & Dick to his office to help him with a film being made about St Swithins which is to be shown on the television. However, the producer is more interested in the mischief the medical students get up to than showing hospital practice. After a few 'wooden' performances the producer invites the students to the bar for a celebratory drink & films the drunken goings on & includes that as his main story item when the show goes to air. Prof Loftus tells Waring to switch off the TV he's seen enough."
"Mike unknowingly ""chats up"" Danny's new 'bird' at a party & he's so jealous he punches Mike in the eye. To make matters worse, Mike,Danny & Jenny have to spend the week working together in the lab. Danny doesn't let Jenny out of his sight, he's worried Mike will make a move on her. Mike swaps shifts to ease Danny's suspicions, but one night while working late Danny leaves the room & Mike & Jenny Kiss. Danny walks in on them & they fight in the lab. Next morning Jenny isn't speaking to either of them because of their behaviour. They apologise & invite Jenny out to dinner, but fight again over what to order for her.! Next day Mike is introduced to Jenny's fiance & he & Danny make up & agree not to let a woman come between them again....until a new nurse walks down the corridor & they follow her.!!"
"Mike & Duncan are rostered in Casualty for a fortnight. The victim of a robbery is brought in & Dunc takes him to X-ray. Mike is alone in casualty when a nervous man enters with an injury to his ear & sore ankles. Mike realises this guy is the robber. When Mike mentions the police the robber runs away. Later he returns & wants Mike to finish the Job of treating his ear & ankles. Loftus walks into casualty with bad cut on arm, together he & Mike manage to subdue the crim & the policeman arrests him."
"Danny signs Mike's name to edit the hospital magazine. Mike has some good ideas for his first edition, but Loftus has it all pre-arranged & there's no room left for Mike's contributions. The boys tell him he's the editor & he should put in what he wants. They print 4,000 copies & distribute it all over London. Ingrid is on the cover & has a centrefold inside. When Loftus sees the mag,he calls them into his office & tells them to get every copy back.! The boys get most of the copies back,but it cost them more than they earned.!"
"Mrs Brown is a hypochondriac taking up bed space in the ward. Matron & Prof.Loftus know her history and want her out. Mike is sympathetic and offers to visit her at home later."
"The Prince & Princess are coming to St. Swithins to open the new wing of the hospital. Paul & Danny are against the Monarchy & steal the dedication plaque & replace it with a furry toilet seat cover. The boys discover this before it's to late & go after Danny & Paul. Meanwhile Mike is giving a speech on behalf of the Medical Students & has to stretch his speech while the boys get the plaque back on the wall. When the Princess pulls the cord, the plaque is upside down & then falls on to the floor.!"
"Prof. Loftus wants Mike to assist him with an operation. Mike is keeping his distance from the table, feels sick and leaves the operating theatre. Later, he learns he and Duncan wakes him have been chosen by Loftus for two weeks residency together."
"Duncan pretends to be hypnotized until the lecturer wants to stick him with a pin. Later, Upton does hypnotise him & then can't 'Un-hypnotise' him."
"Mike and Dunc want to go to a rugby match in Cambridge but Dunc's car breaks down. Paul buys an old hearse cheap & parks it out the front of the Mortuary. Two orderlies load a coffin in the back while Paul goes to get the boys & then they're off to the match. Paul notices the coffin later & Mike & Dunc thought he was playing a joke on them. When they look inside the coffin,there is a body in there so they decide to take it back. Driving too fast, Paul soon has the police on his tail. He pulls over & Mike & Dunc hide in the woods with the coffin before the police catch up."
"The boys go to a Strip Club & while watching a dancer strip,she feints on stage. The Manager asks if there's a Doctor in the House & the boys go backstage to see if they can help. The Dancer (Rita) has all the symptoms of pneumonia. Mike phones for an ambulance & she's admitted to St Swithin's. Rita recovers & one by one the boys come to see her. Rita's boss visits & wants to know when she will be returning to work. Mike says she needs rest & asks her if she ever wanted to get another job. Rita tells him she wanted to be a nurse when she was young. Mike tells Rita she could help at St. Swithin's if she would like when she's better. It soon turns out Rita's a better stripper than she is a nurse,She goes back to the strip club & changes her act from Meter Maid to Nurse."
"The Boys spend their first day on the wards.Mike has trouble from the start with his patient.(Mr Drobnic)He's either asleep or gone downstairs for physio, When he finally does see him & asks ""what seems to be the trouble""? Mr Drobnic doesn't speak english.! Dr. Merriford's wanting a report from the students at midday & Mike's running out of time. He has to take Mr Drobnic to X-ray in a wheelchair & while he's looking for it Mr Drobnic wheels himself away. Mike sees a wheelchair across from the escalator he has just traveled up & thinking it's his patient,wheels him back to the ward just as Dr.Merriford wants Mike's report on his patient. Mike pulls back the curtain & tells the Doctor his patients name & what he thinks he's suffering from. Only thing is the patient is a pregnant woman.!! The show closes with Mike looking for Mr Drobnic & sees him being loaded into the back of an ambulance. Mike chases after it."
"The students return for their second year at St.Swithins. Vincent (the porter) is trying to make some money on the side by selling the students white coats,locker keys & 'the little blue book'. The boys are glad they won't have Loftus this year, Until he walks into the room & tells them he's the new lecturer. After a full day of taking notes, it's time for a practical demonstration. Loftus asks Mike to examine the patient (a young woman)Miss Walker. Loftus tells Mike, Miss Walker has felt a lump in her left breast & wants him to examine her. An embarrased Mike,warms his hands before the examination & while feeling for the lump,Miss Walker is ticklish. Loftus thanks Miss Walker & she leaves the room, Then he orders Mike to strip to the waist so the other students can have some hands on experience with his cardio thoracic region."
Season 1 - Doctor in the House