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Digital Addiction

From gaming and social media obsession, to cyber relationship addiction and compulsive information seeking, each episode uncovers the damaging world of digital dependency and the dramatic impact on the families affected by it.

Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2022

IMDb: 3.1

Season 1 - Digital Addiction
"Bella 52, obsessed with her social media "analytics," believes her channel will catapult her to fame. Tensions explode when friends try to get her help. Daniel and David, 27, are twin brothers who share everything including compulsively gaming and watching porn online, until mom and friends have had enough."
"Steffanie, 33, is so traumatized by her past that she only feels safe online. But her family and friends worry that her online activity is causing harm. Matthew, 15, is surviving his teen years through his devices. His mother, Lina, in an effort to save her son, ends up discovering more about herself."
"Beth hides behind the safety of her devices until her family and friends confront her about how she cares more for her devices than for them. Then, Brandon only has in-person relationships with his phone and the strangers he meets on hookup apps."