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Dickensian intertwines the realm of fictional characters in Charles Dickens’ novels—including Scrooge, Fagin and Miss Havisham—in half-hour episodes, as their lives intertwine in 19th century London. The Old Curiosity Shop sits next door to The Three Cripples Pub, while Fagin’s Den is hidden down a murky alley off a bustling Victorian street.
Season 1 - Dickensian
"Arthur is determined to finally become the man his father intended him to be, so he goes to see Fagin and acquires the services of Bill Sikes - but is it too late to put a stop to the wedding? Meanwhile, Compeyson hopes his heartfelt confession to Amelia will be enough to convince her of his feelings."
"The Havisham Wedding is a day away and Satis House is being prepared. Arthur distracts Compeyson at the pub whilst Matthew shows up at Satis House with members of the board of the brewery to try and put a stop to the wedding."
"Having identified Jacob Marley’s killer, Inspector Bucket to deal with a moral dilemma which challenges him to the core. Arthur Havisham is scared that he has lost any chance of reconciling with his sister."
"Inspector Bucket has been officially taken off the case investigating Jacob Marley but before he returns to his old station he is determined to have one last shot at solving the crime."
"Honoria Barbary has gone into labour with her waters breaking just as she is planning to leave the family home. Edward Barbary isn’t at home and even the maid has the day so she is only left with her older sister Frances to help her."
"Captain Hawdon goes to see Honoria for a good luck kiss before his interview to try and gain promotion. Honoria is shocked after she finds out that Frances ruined his first chance of promotion."
"Inspector Bucket attempts to get to Dodger before any of Fagin’s men can. Compeyson offers Arthur a deal he can't refuse."
"Amelia goes to see Honoria at work to give her some surprising news. Amelia shares her news with Arthur and Jaggers and they both warn her off rushing into things with Compeyson."
"It is the day of the important shareholders' meeting and Amelia asks Compeyson to attend and makes sure that Arthur behaves himself."
"Honoria faces up to the reality of her father's desperate situation and what it means for her relationship with Captain Hawdon. Bucket's patience is rewarded when new evidence leads to a surprise discovery."
"Compeyson is officially courting Miss Havisham and, in order to seem a more credible suitor, he demands money from Arthur, who is forced to sell personal family items to obtain the money. Elsewhere, Honoria is determined to solve her father's debt problems and avoid an arranged marriage with Sir Leicester, while the Bumbles entertain Mr Gradgrind, and the Cratchits worry about Tiny Tim."
"Edward Barbary is left facing financial ruin and the situation only gets worse Scrooge comes calling, demanding his loan be repaid. Amelia is devastated by the loss of Jip, but receives an unexpected visit from Compeyson, who gives her a present and makes a surprising declaration."
"Will Arthur find the courage to confide in Matthew Pocket before Compeyson continues his plans to be rid of him? Edward Barbary comes into the sights of Inspector Bucket."
"A potential rival at Satis House gives Compeyson cause for concern. When a drunken prank goes dangerously wrong, Arthur realises the lengths to which Compeyson will go to achieve his aims."
"Bob Cratchit fights to clear his name and get home in time for his daughter's wedding, but the evidence is stacked against him. Compeyson's behaviour leaves Amelia confused but intrigued."
"Compeyson goes to desperate lengths to make Miss Havisham notice him, and Martha Cratchit's wedding plans are thrown into turmoil by an unexpected knock at the door."
"At the Havisham New Year's party, Amelia is delighted to see her brother Arthur but perturbed by the arrival of an uninvited guest. Frances Barbary rekindles an old friendship and allows herself to hope it might be more."
"Bucket goes to see his old enemy Fagin, convinced he is involved in Marley's murder. Following a lead, he goes after Fagin's henchman Bill Sikes - could his wooden cosh hold a valuable clue? Frances sees a way of scuppering her sister's plans."
"The news of Jacob Marley's murder filters through the Christmas day celebrations, and Inspector Bucket begins his investigation. At Satis House, Amelia Havisham's mysterious rescuer appears again."
"It’s Christmas Eve and Jacob Marley is ruthlessly pursuing his debtors, including Little Nell’s dying grandad at the Old Curiosity Shop. Meanwhile a young Miss Havisham has come into a fortune."