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Dead Like Me

Dead Like Me follows a group of undead grim reapers tasked with shepherding the recently departed into the afterlife.

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2003

IMDb: 7.8

Season 2 - Dead Like Me
"Halloween is a busy day for the Reapers as a serial killer stalks the city."
"George and Rube both find themselves coming face to face with their past lives."
"George regrets the things she didn't accomplish in her life, while Mason prepares to move on in the afterlife. Meanwhile, Reggie stays home alone."
"Ray and Mason fight for Daisy's affection, and George must persuade an old lady that she has really died."
"When George tries to pass herself off as the relative of a homeless man, she finds herself more involved in his death than she planned."
"After losing her virginity to Trip, George sours on love when he doesn't call."
"George reunites with her new love at his father's funeral."
"George nearly falls for someone she is supposed to reap, while Reggie makes friends with a young pet reaper."
"George experiences the power of celebrity death when she plucks the soul of a rock star."
"George faces her first big decision at Happy Time, and Joy looks forward to a new life after accepting an offer on the family home."
"Deadlines loom large as the reapers snatch some hurried souls and George helps Delores impress an efficiency expert studying Happy Time's operations."
"George reflects back on her childhood and decides that the secret to popularity is being mean to people."
"In an attempt to bond with her co-workers, George goes on the annual Happy Time retreat, but she can't escape her duties as a grim reaper."
"George figures that with all the bad luck she had while she was alive, things might even out in the afterlife. But death isn't like that."
"At her day job, George gets to train the boss's cute, but dumb, nephew, while Mason dresses as a clown to reap a soul at a kid's birthday party."
Season 1 - Dead Like Me