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Dead End Express

Across our country's vast and untamed wildernesses a hardy breed of American still lives a life set apart. They are not just off-the-grid, they are physically cut off from society by Rocky Mountains, roaring rivers and frozen tundra. But however man’s an island. Sooner or later, these off-gridders need a life-giving tool - like fuel or bullets - or a life-saving essential - like food or medicine. When they do, they turn to the cast of Dead End Express. By pack horse, dog sled, power boat, snow machine and bush plane this unique group of men risk all to deliver where no one else can or will. Delivering their payload is a matter of life or death, not just for their clients but for them, in their ongoing mission to survive and deliver.

Genre: Reality-TV , Reality

Actor: Dead End Express


Country: USA

Duration: NA

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 6

Season 1 - Dead End Express
"Freight hauler Roger Phillips battles a troublesome delivery; dog mushers Jeff and Paul Hemann set up the wilderness for a wedding; jet boat pilot Brice Barnes risks life and limb to collect a season's worth of firewood."
"Jet boat pilot Brice Barnes delivers two stubborn mules. Dog mushers Jeff and Paul Hemann combine their dog teams to overcome deep snow and deliver a windmill to an off-gridder. Freight hauler Roger Phillips counts on his wife, Myra, to help him deliver a large supply of food."
"In Skwentna, Alaska, freight hauler Roger Phillips struggles to avoid frostbite after snow machine failures on his way to two quirky and colorful characters living out in the bush. In Willow, dog mushers Jeff and Paul Hemann must race to deliver medicine to elderly off-gridders. And in Montana, horse packers Andy Breland and Chuck Allen load up some solar panels for their final delivery of the season."
"In Hells Canyon, jet boat pilot Brice Barnes negotiates the Snake River at night to reach Temperance Creek Ranch, where his tenant Shelly has spotted a cougar on the prowl. Alaskan freight hauler Roger Phillips makes a trade to secure some much-needed fuel for his off-grid neighbors. Meanwhile, father-son dog-mushing team Jeff and Paul Hemann must deliver live chickens to an off-gridder in heavy snow."
"In Alaska, bush pilot Rob Kinkade responds to a rescue call from his friend Ricky, who’s stranded up the Aniak River. In the Montana backwoods, Andy Breland and Chuck Allen face down a beating wind to make their delivery, but discover that their off-gridder client is not at his usual campsites. And in Idaho, jet boat pilot Brice Barnes attempts to recover a stranded helicopter by custom-building a wooden platform for his boat."
"Packers Andy and Chuck race to rescue an old friend in diabetic shock; jet boat pilot Brice helps an off-gridder renovate a 130-year-old ranch; and bush pilot Rob lands himself in bear country."
"Andy and Chuck rush a tank of fish up to a lake in Montana before the oxygen runs out. Rob drops off supplies to campers in Alaska before checking on an elderly resident. Bruce helps rebuild a homestead that was destroyed by a wild fire in Idaho."
"In the series premier, a jet boat pilot responds to an emergency call in Idaho, a bush pilot flies medication to his friend in Alaska, and horse packers bring supplies to a remote fire tower in Montana."