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Crime Story

Crime Story is an American TV drama, created by Gustave Reininger and Chuck Adamson, that premiered in 1986 and ran for two seasons on NBC. The executive producer was Michael Mann, who had left his other series Miami Vice to oversee Crime Story and direct the film Manhunter. The show premiered with a two-hour pilot — a movie which had been exhibited theatrically — and was watched by over 30 million viewers. It was then scheduled to follow Miami Vice on Friday nights, and continued to attract a record number of viewers. NBC then moved the show to Tuesdays at 10 pm opposite ABC's Moonlighting, hurting its ratings to the point that NBC ordered its cancellation after only two seasons. Set in the early, pre-Beatles 1960s, the series depicted two men — Lt. Mike Torello and mobster Ray Luca — with an obsessive drive to destroy each other. As Luca started with street crime in Chicago, was "made" in the Chicago Outfit and then sent to Las Vegas to monitor their casinos, Torello pursued Luca as head of a special Organized Crime Strike Force. Torello, his friend Ted Kehoe, and Luca had grown up in Chicago's "The Patch" neighborhood, also called "Little Sicily" or "Little Italy" and the haunt of the Forty-Two Gang. The show attracted both acclaim and controversy for its serialized format, in which a continuing storyline was told over an entire season, rather than being episodic, as was normal with shows at the time.
Season 2 - Crime Story
"Torello and his men catch up to Luca in Mexico and force him to escape but they all get trapped inside a pilotless airborne plane."
"Torello and his men save Danny from certain death while Luca is told by a top military commander that he is nothing in Mexico."
"Torello and his men chase Luca to Mexico where they will get no help from the US Government."
"Luca is finally brought to court on racketerring charges but the trial is postponed when a military emergency happens in Vietnam."
"Torello's writer-friend plans to take down Luca by exposing him in an article."
"The Justice Department must deal with crooked cops and feuding brothel owners when Pauli's prostitute-girlfriend is murdered."
"While escorting a prisoner and his girlfriend, Torello is trapped in the desert and stalked by corrupt lawmen who want the prisoner."
"In a dream Paulie recounts his and Luca's survival of the atomic bomb. After nearly perishing in the blast, Luca and Paulie are taken into federal custody. Delirious from his gun shot wounds and the blast Luca becomes totally on Paulie for their escape. Receiving aid from a federal agent in Manny's employ Paulie rises above his usual persona as he attempts to extricate himself and Luca from their current situation."
"After Manny is stricken by a heart attack, Luca demands that he be the first heart-transplant recipient. Max convinces Steve to put a hit on Luca."
"In return for the man's testimony, Torello offers government protection to a Chicago mobster with a contract on his life."
"A Chinese agent dupes Torello into looking for her father while she smuggles plutonium out of the country."
"Torello cannot identify the source of a money-laundering operation. Clemmons reveals his suspicions about Iris's new casino partner."
"The Justice Department tries to deal with troubles at a new nightclub - including bombings, extortion, and racial threats - owned by a beautiful black woman."
"A defecting Soviet pilot becomes custody of the Strike Force, which learns of plans to use him in a spy swap."
"An investigator searching for a man's girlfriend, who happens to be Weisbord's granddaughter, is murdered before he gives information to Torello. Luca offers a drug-addicted Abrams a position on his staff."
"A Chicago thug, preparing for the heist of a Las Vegas casino, shoots Krychek on the eve of Torello's birthday."
"Luca returns to Vegas with immunity to work for the US Government, causing revenge-minded Abrams to resign in frustration and Torello unable to get near Luca."
"Torello follows a crazed killer into Mexico, unaware his quarry will lead him to an arms-for-drugs operation run by an alive-and-well Luca."
"The Senterros, a family of Mexican cattle ranchers, controls the marijuana trade, so Torello's unit sets up a sting operation, but detective Joey Indelli leaves to try to save a callgirl from her sadistic pimp."
"Torello confronts his feelings for Julie when she asks him to rescue her kidnapped husband, who is a doctor forced to tend to one of his injured kidnappers."
"An overzealous senator outrages crime bosses by subpoenaing them to appear before an organized crime commission. An actress with a shady past falls for Torello."
Season 1 - Crime Story