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City of Angels | City of Death

Documents the chilling 1970s-80s era of rampant serial killers in Los Angeles with first-hand accounts from the detectives who tracked down the Freeway Killer, Hillside Strangler and Sunset Strip Killer, bringing justice for the victims and survivors

Duration: 46 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2021

IMDb: 9

Season 1 - City of Angels | City of Death
"The Sunset Strip Killer leaves a decapitated head for the detectives. The Freeway Killer is sentenced to death and Detective Souza fulfills a promise. The Dating Game Killer is re-tried. The long trial of the Hillside Strangler ends with drama."
"While Detective Souza chases the Freeway Killer, he consults with one of the Tool Box Killers. To avoid the death penalty, the Hillside Strangler agrees to testify against his murder partner, Angelo Buono. A new serial killer strikes on the Sunset Strip."
"Kenneth Bianchi claims he has multiple personalities, and that “Steve” is the Hillside Strangler who kills with a partner. The Dating Game Killer is arrested but proving his guilt will not be easy. Detective Souza begins his pursuit of the Freeway Killer."
"Kenneth Bianchi is arrested in Washington State, suspected of being the Hillside Strangler. Is his cousin his murder partner? A young girl disappears in Huntington Beach, the victim of a serial killer who appears on the TV show The Dating Game."
"It’s 1977 and the era of the serial killer begins. LAPD detectives chase multiple killers at the same time. They scour the Hollywood Hills for the Hillside Strangler while hunting the Skid Row Stabber downtown. And then another serial killer emerges..."