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A young ballerina is found hanged on a theatre stage in Reykjavik. The case is closed as suicide but two lawyers and a detective believe dark forces are at play in this challenging Icelandic thriller.
Season 1 - Case
"After meeting the Benedikt, Logi tells Gabriela everything. Iimur unlocks Por's video file. Logi takes a reckless step to finish things on his own."
"Jonas tells Logi everything he knows. Hanna recognizes the voice of the man who raped her. Benedikt catches Brynhildur accessing his computer."
"Gabriela takes Ilmur's computers for investigation, and asks Hanna about Logi and Thor. Jonas gets in trouble with Thor's gang."
"Gabriela's information leaks are exposed. Logi crashes a wild party at Por's house and starts to gain his confidence. Por gets a surprise visitor."
"Logi and Gabriela think Lara's sister Hanna may know something about her death. Brynhildur gets information that leads her to investigate the ballet."
"Gabriela deals with her sister's problems. Limur searches the videos on Julius's hard drive. Jonas's relationship with Lara comes under suspicion."
"Logi agrees to help Brynhildur and Lara's foster parents. Hogni guesses that Gabriela is secretly helping Logi. Elva learns about Julius's sex tapes."
"Guony and Jonas become the targets of a media campaign. Despite Logi's recklessness, Brynhildur gives him documents that shed light on Lara's past."
"When the body of teenage ballet student Lara is found hanging in a theater, detective Gabriela can't shake her feeling that it was not a suicide."