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Buying Alaska

“Buying Alaska” proves that forgoing basic amenities is a reasonable tradeoff when it comes to breathtaking views and stunning wild surroundings that you can't find anywhere in the lower 48 states. Offering much more than living quarters, these properties are so in tune with the extraordinary landscape that it's often what's beyond the house that proves to be the main attraction - from the ability to hunt and fish from a back deck, to extreme seclusion on your own private island, to self-sustaining features such as smokehouses and greenhouses. However, there are also dangers that come with all the beauty, and living in this rugged and remote terrain can lead to animal attacks and brutal winters that cut you off from society.

Genre: Reality-TV , Reality

Actor: David Scott


Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2012

IMDb: 8.5

Season 3 - Buying Alaska
"A couple search far and wide to find a home that allows them to escape the smell of a neighboring fish cannery."
"A couple want to test their adventurous lifestyle by looking for a remote wilderness cabin in Haines, Alaska."
"Newlyweds who live in downtown Juneau want to escape the crowds and find a property where they can relax."
"Newlyweds with a budget of $150,000 hope to buy a home in Homer, Alaska."
"A pilot and his girlfriend take to the sky to find a home in the isolated village of Seldovia that fits their tight budget."
"A couple who are entrepreneurs search for a million-dollar property in the Alaskan city."
"After building their relationship, a couple now is on the hunt to find the perfect rustic home."
"An ATV mechanic and his girlfriend look for a home with access to Alaska's epic backwoods trails."
"A couple with a big truck and a small budget hope to find a home near Big Lake, Alaska."
"Wes and Angela own an air taxi company in Alaska. He flies the plane and she runs the office. They want to land a million dollar dream home and can fly anywhere in the state to find it. But if they can’t agree on the location, their search may be grounded"
"Roland and Tiffany live in Alaska’s biggest city, Anchorage. But the non-stop, fast-paced lifestyle is getting to be too much for their big family. They want a home within 30 minutes of downtown where they can still escape into the wilderness."
"Nicole and pilot Bruce have decided to leave the Lower 48 behind and make a new life up north. With their own private plane, they can buy a house anywhere they want. The search is on for a home with a runway."
"Darien and Delana are looking to buy their first house near the Kenai River. But this musical couple can’t afford to break the bank, so they’ll have to look for a bargain away from the river’s edge."
"A couple who are tired of making daily trips to the grocery store for water decide to give up their high-maintenance dry cabin and upgrade to a bigger place with indoor plumbing."
"A recently engaged couple who love the water and fishing look for a home in the town of Soldotna on the glacier-fed Kenai River."
"Glennallen, Alaska is home to dozens of beautiful, remote lakes. After living in their crowded B&B, that’s exactly where Eric and Cynthia want to look for their new Last Frontier escape."
"Tim and Natalie rent a place on the Kenai River now but they’ve always dreamed of living in a home on one of the river’s few islands. Living in the middle of a river can be a challenge – there are no bridges to the islands and no sewage systems, either."
"There aren’t any palm trees or tropical ocean breezes in the 49th state, but you can still live a beach life style on one of Alaska’s 3 million lakes. Dave and Elena are ready to find their dream Alaskan beach home."
"A couple who live off the land want a house where they can hunt, fish, garden and live the Alaskan lifestyle."
"Arizona natives, Eric and Kendra, are relocating from the desert of Phoenix to the tundra of Delta Junction, Alaska. Will they be able to find a place they can call home in one of the most remote areas of America’s last frontier?"
"Kevin and Katelynn have toured all over Alaska but they keep coming back to the hillside town of Eagle River. It’s rustic mountain living that’s close to the big city of Anchorage. But no home in Alaska comes without risk... or quirks."
"Alaskan natives who have built a successful rock-climbing business have a budget of $3 million for their dream house in the Last Frontier state."
"Owners of a gym who want to move out of their Fairbanks apartment and into a more wild setting are followed on their house hunt."
"Eric and Amanda are ready to buy their very first home in one of their favorite places to visit – Talkeetna, Alaska. But as newlyweds, every penny counts so they might have to go the extra mile – even if that means traveling off the road."
"Adventurous couple, James and Erin, has been living in Anchorage for the past decade. Now that their son, Owen, is older they’re looking to make the remote outpost of Talkeetna a full time home."
"Florida natives Michael and Miranda have just moved to Alaska. Life in the Last Frontier will be nothing like what they left behind in the Sunshine State and they’ll miss the sunny beach, but they’re up for the adventure."
"Todd and Kristy have been living in a dry cabin in Talkeetna, Alaska for over a decade. Now that their two sons are getting older, they need to upgrade to a bigger home, one that has running water and electricity. Will a new location mean a new lifestyle?"
"Two couples who want to get away from civilization are followed as they search for a home. Included: a house that's only accessible via an 8-wheeler truck; and residences in the remote Alaskan village of Gustavus."
"The house hunt of a couple looking to reside on an Alaskan lake in the wilderness of the Mat-Su Valley is followed."
Season 2 - Buying Alaska
Season 1 - Buying Alaska