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Bulge Bracket

In the high-intensity world of mergers, acquisitions, and IPOS, a young female investment banker confronts the patriarchy in the frat house of Wall Street. An ensemble dramedy about the costs of climbing the corporate ladder.

Duration: NA

Quality: HD

Release: 2020

IMDb: 6.4

Season 1 - Bulge Bracket
"A meeting with HR offers unanticipated outcomes, leading Cathy to contemplate her next move."
"Cathy encounters the old boys' network and unexpectedly finds herself enveloped in a #MeToo moment."
"After the launch of the firm's female mentorship program, BankHer, Cathy is assigned to mentor the beautiful Rosie (Gigi Gustin, FOX's "American Grit"), whose arrival at the firm disrupts the bullpen."
"As Cathy wrestles with imposter syndrome and struggles to exert her authority over the analysts, Goldberg and Danny push the boundaries of procrastination."
"While her colleagues spar over the pecking order, Cathy is overwhelmed by the responsibility of perfecting the firm's pitch to run the IPO for Macrotech, a hot tech company they are courting against rival banks."
"Recent b-school graduate Cathy Lee joins the prestigious Boldwyn Brothers investment bank, where she discovers that her new boss has a penchant for the dramatic, and her co-workers are frat boys in suits."