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Brian Jacques' Redwall

Redwall is a television series made by Canada-based Nelvana, France-based Alphanim and UK-based BBC One and is based on the Redwall novels by Brian Jacques. The series currently spans three seasons, the first based on the first book Redwall, the second on Mattimeo and the third on Martin the Warrior. The series airs on some PBS channels in the USA, and used to air on Teletoon in Canada on Saturday.
Season 3 - Brian Jacques' Redwall
"Martin and Rose confess their love for each other before tragedy strikes; Martin leads the troops to victory"
"Just as the Fur and Freedom Fighters arrive, Felldoh dies; the battle rages until Badrang offers a deal"
"Rose leads Martin and his friends to Noonvale and find out that Brome has not made it back"
"The owl Boldred shows Martin and friends the way to Noonvale"
"Brome and Felldoh attempt to get the slaves to safety when they learn Clogg and Badrang formed a truce"
"Martin tries to help the warden, who is under attack, then he and his friends are attacked by the Gawtrybe"
"Martin and his friends are captured by Slo Worms and dragged into the lizard's lair"
"As the Mirdrop threatens to destroy Martin and friends, Rose rushes the monster with a thick branch"
"Martin and friends continue on toward Noonvale; Clogg plans to double-cross Badrang"
"Martin and friends survive the storm, but become separated from Brome and Felldoh"
"Martin demonstrates he is a born leader, and everybody sees it. Rose sees something else in Martin."
"As Martin and his new friends languish in Marshank's Prison Pit, Rose and her companion Grumm hide from Tramun Clogg's advancing seaborne corsairs. Badrang and Clogg finally meet, pretending to be the other's friend, but they both soon skirmish and Clogg retreats intending to take Marshank from his rival. As Badrang posts extra guards the news reaches Martin. Rebellion is planned among the slaves — but there is a traitor in their midst — Druwp, a surly bankvole who plans to betray them to Badrang. Outside, Grumm conspires with Rose to tunnel to their rescue. Druwp identifies the slave ringleaders. Meanwhile in the prison pit, Brome tells of his and Rose's home — the idyllic region called Noonvale. If his father the chief can be alerted, he will surely rescue them. Grumm continues to dig hard to complete the tunnel. Under the cover of Clogg's battle against Badrang, Grumm breaks into the Prison Pit and Martin, Brome and Felldoh escape — but have to leave the others behind."
"Martin, son of Luke the Warrior, is captured by the evil Badrang. Seasons later, when Martin gets in a fight with Hisk, one of Badrang's horde, he is tied to ropes on top of Marshank in a storm. Bandrang hopes the seagulls eat Martin the morning. But in the middle of the night, Laterose of Noonvale the mouse and her friend Grumm Trencher the mole hear Martin crying out in the storm. Laterose's brother, Brome, is missing. She calls out to Martin whether he has seen him. She tells Grumm that they should help the poor mouse, so using slings, they ward off the seagulls in the morning. And they hope to free Martin, somehow....."
Season 2 - Brian Jacques' Redwall
Season 1 - Brian Jacques' Redwall