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Bondi Ink


Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 5.3

Season 2 - Bondi Ink
"The pressure is on when Van is given his first ever client under unusual circumstances. A visit from American rockers, Steel Panther, is a welcome distraction while Megan and JT wait to see if they’ve done enough to save the business."
"Jimi holds an art exhibition that gains some exciting but unsettling attention. Ellie is back to work on a collaboration with Jimi and Teneile also collaborates with internationally renowned guest artist, Karlee Sabrina. Van gets the call he’s been waiting for all summer."
"A surprise visit lifts Teneile’s spirits and a guest spot by tattoo superstar, Lauren Winzer, injects some much-needed energy into the business. Van tattoos himself for the first time and the team are shocked by the results."
"Van is determined to do anything he can to prove his worth and Teneile struggles with the long hours and time away from her home, her business and her kids. JT exhausts all his options and is left wondering if the business can survive."
"Wendy struggles with being away from the business and having no control while JT’s focus shifts to a pressing family matter. The crew are thrilled when Ellie returns for a guest spot in the custom studio."
"The crew are sent into a tailspin after learning about the business's financial troubles. Megan devises a master plan to save the day, then takes a much-needed weekend off to explore Sydney. The boys pull a prank on Jess that goes very wrong."
"JT fills Megan in about the financial issues and she is concerned but determined to help keep things on track. Van is thrilled by the opportunity to learn from his mentor and JT has his hands full keeping Wendy calm."
"Megan and Shaun work over-time to get the custom studio ready to go while Teneile pays the price for pranking Jimi and Van. JT gets some very bad news and Megan is furious when he takes his frustrations out on her."
"Megan scrambles to make sense of all of challenges that JT has tasked her with. A promising interview leads to a potential new team member and JT and Wendy receive a worrying phone call."
"With a newborn baby at home and another busy summer season ahead of them, JT and Wendy call in Megan Massacre to help run Bondi Ink. However she quickly realizes that, once again, the job is more than she bargained for."
Season 1 - Bondi Ink