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Big Time in Hollywood, Fl

Follows two delusional brothers, who are self-proclaimed filmmakers, as they are kicked out of their parent's house and end up on an epic cinematic journey.

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 6.8

Season 1 - Big Time in Hollywood, Fl
"Everything comes to a head on the set of Ben and Jack's film and tensions reach a boiling point."
"The boys find themselves in danger as Malloy closes in on the truth behind their crimes."
"Ben and Jack begin production on their film; Del faces looming danger on the set.; couples therapy."
"Ben and Jack reunite with Cuba Gooding Jr., who has an exciting proposition for them; Diana and Alan pursue couples therapy; Malloy secretly investigates the Dolfe family."
"Ben goes home and attempts to put his life back together, while Jack continues working on his films; Del pursues a love interest; Malloy and Zdorkin try to find out what Scoles has to do with the case."
"While Alan and Diana enjoy a romantic dinner, the boys are threatened at gunpoint; an unexpected turn of events."
"Jack and Ben reunite in rehab, where they encounter Cuba Gooding Jr. and try to figure out a way to get him involved in their filmmaking projects; Diana's private investigator is following the boys."
"Ben adjusts to life in rehab; Jack gets used to living in his new apartment which also includes a new car he received from Alan; Diana hires a private investigator to follow Del."
"Ben, Jack and their best friend, Del, are questioned by police; Diana and Alan organize a drug intervention for Ben, who attempts to flee the country."
"After aspiring filmmakers and brothers Ben and Jack Dolfe learn that their parents plan to kick them out, they concoct an elaborate scheme to scam them."