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Barely Famous

Introducing "Barely Famous": a docu-style comedy series. This show explores the hypocrisy of reality TV by centering around two sisters who say they would never do a reality show, but are being filmed by a camera crew. Over the course of the season, we’ll follow Erin and Sara as they navigate the treacherous LA waters of building a career, dating, and simultaneously trying to prove that they’re “normal”. Each episode of Barely Famous will skewer Hollywood stereotypes and comment on the world of celebrity through the eyes of two D-Listers, desperately trying to insist they don’t care about “Lists” while also trying to get on the A-List. By breaking the 4th wall and occasionally telling both the crew and network to cut, no reality convention is too sacred, and our girls point out the absurdity of the medium itself.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Sara Foster , Abbey McBride , Erin Foster


Country: USA

Duration: 23 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 5.7

Season 2 - Barely Famous
"Sara begins spending all of her time with her co-star, Kate Upton. Meanwhile, Erin follows her boyfriend onto a reality-dating show."
"Sara learns of an infidelity involving her husband and the nanny, and she wants to take advantage of the situation. Erin dates a man of advanced age."
"Erin's new relationship with actor Zach Braff is jeopardized when she discovers that she's pregnant. Meanwhile, Sara attempts to become a member of Ali Larter's squad."
"Old family grievances come to light when VH1 sends Erin and Sara to shoot a vacation episode at Universal Orlando Resort."
"In the Season 2 premiere, Erin scores an interview with Jessica Alba and hopes to be hired for a writing job. Meanwhile, Sara uses her recent fare to launch a celebrity lifestyle brand."
Season 1 - Barely Famous