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AwesomenessTV is an American sketch-comedy reality series that airs on Nickelodeon Monday Nights at 8pm, and that began airing episodes on July 1, 2013 and is created by Brian Robbins.
Season 2 - AwesomenessTV
"Sketches include Selfies With Strangers; Terry the Tomboy: What's in My Beach Bag?; Autocorrect in Real Life: The Restaurant; Random Thoughts; and World's Worst Babysitter: Switcheroonie. Rixton are the guest hosts."
"Sketches include OMG Facts; Pro Wrestling Family; Top 5 Most Annoying Photographers; Rabbit Scare Prank; Terry the Tomboy: Question and Answer; and Boys Do My Makeup."
"Skits include Top 5 Summer Fails; Brad Pitt; Will You Hold My Fish Bowl?; Yo My Boyfriend Ugly; Bigfoot; and Bad Dance Instructor."
"Skits include How to Train Your Parents; Klutzy Girl; The Love Doctor #2; Random Thoughts by Jo Jo; Bartering Prank; and Know It All Nina. Guest hosts: 5 Seconds of Summer."
"Skits include Yo My Boyfriend Ugly: Zombie; Messy Eating Prank; High Tech History: Shakespeare; Terry the Tomboy: Room Tour; and Why Grandparents Are Better Than Parents. Fifth Harmony are the guest hosts."
"Skits include Hugging Prank; OMG Facts; Terry the Tomboy: Hairbrush for Hair; 5 Things You Can Only Get Away With When You're a Kid; and Ben Katzenberg: Cat Meme Agent. Lia Marie Johnson is the guest host."
"Skits include Nosey Rosie; Blocking People Prank; 5 Ways to Reject a Guy; High Tech History: Washington; and Bout to Be Famous. Emblem3 are the guest hosts."
"Skits include Snap Peep; Klutzy Girl; Us and Jan Cheer; Whisper Scares Prank; Rock Paper Scissors; and Middle Kid Survival Guide. Grace Helbig is the guest host."
"Skits include 5 Worst Ways to Break Up; Jake Foushee: Movie Trailer Voice Prank; Terry the Tomboy: Siblings Tag; Top 5 Ways to Defeat a Bully; and World's Worst Babysitter: Homework. Cimorelli are the guest hosts."
"Sketches include 7 Selfies You Can't Take Back; Autocorrect in Real Life: First Date Fail; Valley Girl Speak: Titanic; and Sarah's Slumber Party: The Dance. Smosh guest host."
"Sketches include: Teen Tech Challenge; Pet Therapist: Dog Shaming; Jennxpenn Top 10 Things People Lie About; Trash Scare Part 2; One Direction Superfan. Jack Griffo and Kira Kosarin are the guest hosts."