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The show revolves around the lives of 8-year-old Arthur Read, an anthropomorphic aardvark, his friends and family, and their daily interactions with each other.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1996

IMDb: 6.8

Season 20 - Arthur
"Bud's Knotty Problem: Bud learns to tie his shoes after seeing a pair of boots that he wants. That's My Grandma!: When Grandma Thora becomes the most popular babysitter in Elwood City, D.W. becomes upset."
"He Said, He Said: Arthur, Buster, and George are excited to watch a special Bionic Bunny episode titled "Su-Mac No More!", but not long after it comes on, the TV blacks out. All the meanwhile, D.W. and Bud are building a huge Tower of Cows, which Carl also starts doing. Arthur, Buster, and George all try to remember what happens in the special, but Carl remembers it exactly to the detail, and then the TV comes back on, ironically showing exactly what Carl just said. Carl says that was the only Bionic Bunny he had seen before. Arthur, Buster, and George are then disappointed that it wasn't as good as they remembered it. Bunny Trouble: It's D.W.'s turn to watch the preschool class bunny, Larry, but after losing him, Arthur thinks he might have a solution... The "Bunny Whisperer", Ladonna Compson. Larry eventually comes back after the Tibbles find him and chase him back to Arthur's. Ladonna thinks she did it, but it was really the Tibbles who found Larry."
"Fern's Flights of Fancy: After hearing about a writer's contest, Fern decides to enter. But when her story doesn't win, she decides to give up writing and get into sports instead (even though she isn't very good at it). George finds Fern's story and it gets put into The Frensky Star, which upsets Fern, but then she and George make up in the end. Cereal: After a box of D.W.'s favorite cereal goes missing, also accusing Arthur of taking it, Buster decides to make a podcast about the scenario. While making the podcast, he finds out that Pal was the one who took it, proving Arthur's innocence."
"Buster's Second Chance: After Brain wins a Science Fair, Buster begins to wonder how different his life would be if he was smarter. That night, after reading a book about time travel, he falls asleep and begins to dream about what life would be like if he was smart. However, he realizes that being smarter might have cost his friendship with Arthur. In the end, Buster is happy for being who he is already. Arthur and the Whole Truth: While Arthur is practicing for a Piano Recital, he learns that Buster has been telling him white lies just to not hurt his feelings. Arthur and Buster agree to not tell any more white lies, but after the piano recital, when Arthur thinks he didn't make a single mistake, Buster holds back from saying that he did make a few mistakes, which makes Arthur upset. On the way home, after D.W. also tells him that he made a few mistakes, he stops by Buster's to say that Buster was right. The two friends make up by shaking hands after Buster says "We're friends, right?" and Arthur responding, "Besties", which references the infamous season 19 episode "Besties"."