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A mysterious blonde bombshell takes over Los Angeles billboards in the mid-80s, ushering in the era of famous-for-being-famous influencer culture.

Duration: n/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2022

IMDb: 6.2

Season 1 - Angelyne
"Lounge acts, funerals, lost years, pink escapes. The truth about the world’s need for the truth about Angelyne."
"Car crashes, trust pacts, empty threats, private detectives, lawsuits. Angelyne agrees to make a documentary about her life."
"Murals, hot seats, centerfolds, movie roles, fresh eyes — huge, gigantic fame. Exposure leaves Angelyne exposed."
"Billboards, power plays, casting couches, jealous rivalries, fireworks, wild rides. Angelyne finds her vehicle to fame."
"Deep dives, punk shows, blood pacts, Corvettes, betrayals, smashed guitars, transformations. Angelyne swallows a band and a man, whole."