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American Restoration

American Restoration is an American reality television series airing on the History channel. Produced by Leftfield Pictures, the series is recorded in Las Vegas, Nevada, where it chronicles the daily activities at Rick's Restorations, an antique restoration shop, with its owner Rick Dale, his staff, and teenage son, as they restore various vintage items to their original condition.

Genre: Reality-TV , Reality

Actor: Rick Dale , Tyler Dale


Country: USA

Duration: 23 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2010

IMDb: 6

Season 3 - American Restoration
"A rare "Shoot The Bear" arcade game arrives at the shop needing so much work that Rick is forced to call in an electronics expert to assist with the restoration. Later, Kowboy clashes with Rick about the shop s uniforms and tries to persuade him to change the color of their work shirts."
"A customer has huge expectations of Rick s work when she agrees to pay $9500 to restore a 1959 coin operated Western Express amusement ride. A client steals his wife s treasured 1960 s Murray tricycle and brings it to Rick so he can surprise her with a restoration. Later, a rare apple vending machine from the 1930 s arrives at the shop in the mail."
"The team is challenged when a late 1800's Penny Farthing bicycle is delivered to the shop needing a major restoration. Rick tries to motivate some of the crew to work harder at the shop by implementing an Employee of the Month award. And later, the guys work on a 1930's parlour stove that hasn t been functional in decades."
"A vintage scooter is shipped to the shop for a complete restoration. Rick is stumped on the make and model, so he calls on Danny "the Count" to take a look at it. Will Danny be able to shed some light on the mystery or will the job turn cold? A dentist stops by with his 1920's x-ray machine and Rick is concerned that the machine could be dangerous to restore."
"A unique electric wheelchair made from parts of a 1940's B-17 bomber lands at the shop. Will the crew hit the target with this one of a kind job or will they bomb the restoration? Later, Kelly makes Tyler and Brettly super uncomfortable by doing a risqu photo shoot as an anniversary surprise for Rick."
"When a 1930 s Custer Car ride from an amusement park arrives, the crew puts it on the fast track. Later, a heavily damaged, 8000 pound safe is dropped at the shop. Since it hasn t been opened in years, its contents are a mystery."
"A client s expectations are sky high when he agrees to a $10,000 restoration of his early 1900 s peanut roaster. Later, Ron and Tyler go digging for gold in a California picker s backyard that is loaded with antique gas pumps and signs. Ron buys a vintage English taxi and sets out to prove to Rick that it was worth the investment."
"A customer wants a mechanical bull restored. The bull is restored using cowhide and a skull is added at the front. Meanwhile, a customer wants a rare gullwing Pepsi coller restored. Originally white, the cooler is painted blue with the classic Pepsi bottlecap logo on it as well as the "Pepsi Cola hits the spot" slogan. Ron is appointed to ride the bull, but chickens out at the last minute, so a dummy is used instead. Meanwhile, Tyler convinces Rick to buy him an old Ford F-100 for his graduation present."
"Rick and his team continue picking on Route 66, finding a 1930s container for oil cans and another for windshield wiper blades. Tyler is put in charge of the wiper container project, but almost ruins the project by removing the rivets to take the container apart (the container being in very good condition and the rivets themselves being almost brand new). Tyler has trouble putting the pieces back together, but manages to finish the project with the help of Kyle. Meanwhile, a customer wants a Thomas Edison kinetoscope restored. Rick takes the containers to a local car show, but cannot find a buyer. Also, Rick's paint towels keep getting used up. Rick puts up a sign telling his team not to use them as tissues, but to no avail. He then installs a camera to determine the culprit, only to find that several of his employees are to blame."
"Tyler and Ron find a tandem bicycle, which they restore without having Rick inspect it first. The project is done for an old picker who specializes in countless memorabilia including a replica of the original Batmobile. Meanwhile, a customer wants a century-old mutoscope restored. The original film in the mutoscope was a scene featuring Adam and Eve, but to make it less graphic, it is replaced with a film depicting a bar fight."
"Rick finds a Seeburg Wurlitzer jukebox while traveling on Route 66, which the owner wants restored. Meanwhile, Tyler and Ron work on a candy vending machine. Because the word "Candy" on top of the machine is broken, Tyler has to find a way to replace it, and finds someone with a water jet cutter to re-create the word. Meanwhile, Kowboy's cat has to go in for a checkup."
"A regular customer wants to purchase two visible gas pumps. Because Rick only has one, he sends Tyler and Ron out to find another. After countless searching, they finally find one that turns out to be an auto-stop. Meanwhile, another customer wants a horse racing gambling wheel restored."
Season 2 - American Restoration
Season 1 - American Restoration