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Five ordinary people with superhuman physical and mental abilities are brought together to form one extraordinary team of Alphas. Operating within the U.S. Department of Defense, the team investigates cases that point to others with Alpha abilities.
Season 2 - Alphas
"Rosen seeks a final confrontation with Alpha leader Stanton Parish."
"Rosen kidnaps and interrogates an Alpha prisoner; Harken and Gary search for Skylar."
"Hicks and Kat transport a valuable Parish asset; Roland holds the strategic intel they need to stop Parish."
"While the team tries to cope with Danielle's death, a mysterious woman drops a baby off at the office and Gary is strangely drawn to protecting it."
"Hicks turns defector and begins working for Parish; the team uncovers a plot to cause a massive, deadly blackout."
"Rosen discovers the identity of the mole; Kat tracks a mysterious new street drug that makes users temporarily invincible."
"The team is confronted with evidence of Parish's evil agenda; a young Alpha reveals a deadly ability."
"Rosen enlists Skylar's help to decode Parish's Alpha technology and endangers her life and the life of her daughter."
"An Alpha loses his mind and kidnaps Rachel; the team loses touch with reality while trying to find Rachel."
"While investigating a string of crimes, the team realizes that they are looking for Nina, who had gone AWOL, and try to stop her before she hurts herself."
"An investigation leads Harken and Hicks to go undercover in a secret, underground Alphas-only Fight Club."
"On the hunt for a killer, the team realizes the search has lead him directly to them with a deadly consequences."
"The episode starts 10 months after the events in "Original Sin" and circumstances have changed for the main characters (for some more than for others). Two of them are pretty different from the last time we saw them, and the team might be missing a member or two. Or more."
Season 1 - Alphas