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Acropolis Now

Acropolis Now was an Australian sitcom set in a Greek cafe in Melbourne of the same name that ran for 63 episodes from 1989 to 1992 on the Seven Network. It was created by Nick Giannopoulos, George Kapiniaris and Simon Palomares, who also starred in the series. They were already quite well known for their comedy stage show, Wogs out of Work. The title is a play on the film Apocalypse Now. Each episode was 30 minutes in length and filmed in front of a live audience. Jim's father asks him to run the family business, the Acropolis café, when he suddenly leaves Australia to return to his homeland Greece. The series centres around the activities of the cafe staff. Greek Jim Stephanidis, is the immature owner and his best friend, Spaniard Ricky Martinez is the sensible manager. Memo is the traditional Greek waiter, Liz is the liberated Australian waitress. Skip is the naïve new cook from the bush and Manolis is the stubborn cook from the old cafe. 'Hilarity' prevails from the clash of cultures and beliefs. Jim's hairdresser cousin Effie, played by Mary Coustas, became a hugely popular and enduring character during the run of the show. Coustas later reprised the role for several TV specials and series including Effie, Just Quietly, an SBS comedy / interview show, and Greeks on the Roof, a short-lived Greek-Australian version of the British talk show The Kumars at No. 42.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1989

IMDb: 5.8

Season 5 - Acropolis Now
"Jim fails to show up for his weddings. Lars returns and Despina announces her love for Memo."
"Jim is kept busy planning two weddings but eventually must admit to Memo that he doesn't actually love Suzanna or Julia. Memo throws a disastrous buck's party."
"After helping Jim keep Julia and Suzanna from meeting one another, Effie finally confesses her love for Lars. Memo receives his first fax from Despina and Lars reveals a secret about his past."
"Memo asks Despina to quit her job when a fortune teller reveals a looming tragedy in her life. Jim searches for a best man for his wedding — both of them."
"Jim panics when both Suzanna and Julia accept Jim's marriage proposal. Despina agrees to accompany Memo to the Greek Waiters Picnic."
"Memo refuses to accompany Despina to Greece and his reputation as a notorious Greek stud is ruined. To make matters worse, Despina declines his marriage proposal."
"There's a new girl in Jim's life, maybe even a wife! AFter watching Jim propose to another woman, Suzanna leaves for a once-in-a-lifetime job managing a resort in Cairo. Memo almost forgets Despina's birthday."
"Jim hides his relationship with Suzanna when his mother returns unexpectedly from Greece. As Suzanna threatens to walk out, Effie needs to find a way for her salon customers to walk in."
"Wrestlemania 17 fever grips Jim and Memo and nothing is going to stop them watching the show on TV. Lars gives Effie an ultimatum: admit she loves him or he'll leave. Suzanna and Despina decide the best way to get him to stay is to throw him a going-away party."
"Memo has had enough of Despina's flirting with sports stars and decides to show her who's boss. Suzanna asks Jim to throw away his "little black book". Despina tries to make Memo jealous by dating other men."
"A Swedish car expert and photographer, Lars Larson, falls in love with Effie while helping Jim rebuild his Monaro. Despina sends Memo a series of provocative photos from her travels."
"Jim panics when Suzanna's parents want to meet their future son-in-law. Her parents are less than impressed by Jim and set out to show just how incompatible he and their daughter are. Effie invents a potent new shampoo. Memo gets a lawyer to fight Despina's lawsuit."
"Jim has a horrible dream — he is married to Suzanna. They have one screaming baby, another on the way, and he has traded in his Monaro... for a station wagon! Perhaps it's not the best time for them to go away for a romantic weekend? After Effie loses her job, Suzanna encourages her to set up her own hair salon (Hair Razors) above the café. Memo's volatile air hostess ex-girlfriend returns, lawsuit in hand."
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