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1000-lb Sisters

The Slaton sisters averaging over a thousand pounds, have always depended on each other for support. Now in their 30s, Amy wants to have children, but cannot due to her weight, while her elder sister Tammy is near bedridden.

Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2020

IMDb: 6.9

Season 3 - 1000-lb Sisters
"The family vacation starts off terribly when Tammy refuses to enter the cabin. Chris hopes he's lost enough weight to fulfill a life-long dream. A last attempt to save the vacation ends in another confrontation. The siblings discover Tammy's secret."
"While Chris makes progress after his surgery, Tammy gets discouraging news. Amy plans a unique bash for Tammy's 35th birthday. The family excitedly plans their first vacation together with all five siblings, but concerns rise about Tammy's mobility."
"Chris faces the ultimate weigh-in to get approved for bariatric surgery. With Tammy's weight at a standstill, Amy and Michael make a life-altering decision. The family's fears about Tammy's choice in partners are realized."
"Tammy must see a new therapist, but things don't go the way she'd hoped; Amy wants to lose her excess skin, but she gets bad news at the plastic surgeon's office; Chris faces the scale; if he's below 400 pounds, his surgery is on."
"Chris comes down on Amy for enabling Tammy."
"Amy must confront demons from her past, and Tammy admits to cheat days."
"Amy is upset that Tammy's new nurse isn't pushing her enough; Tammy has started slacking, and the family worries about what could be the cause; Chris and Tammy clash when he confronts her about the new man in her life."
"Tammy is back from rehab, and Amy makes a decision regarding her sister."
"With her weight spiraling, Tammy makes a life-altering decision."
Season 2 - 1000-lb Sisters
Season 1 - 1000-lb Sisters