The World According to President Trump

Channel 4 Dispatches Editor George Waldrum has commissioned a Dispatches special from ITN Productions in response to the results of the US General Election - The World According to President Trump. What will a President Trump really do? Will he really ban all Muslims? Build a wall? Pal up to Putin? Smash Isis? How scared should we be? Will he back down from his campaign pledges? In this special film, Matt Frei speaks to those who know and attempts to get to the bottom of Trump's policies and future agenda as President of the United States. Commissioning editor George Waldrum says, "We have never seen anything like it before, or possibly ever will again. The controversy surrounding the election has been remarkable and it is a great opportunity to continue the coverage and analysis on Channel 4. Matt Frei has been at the heart of the election coverage and can provide great insight into the aftermath of the election." The World According to President Trump will TX on Channel 4 on ...

Duration: 26 min

Quality: SD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 0