Scary Road Is Fun

Insurance company staff Liu Wei received the benefits of Wu billion after the charges, to help each other's wife BABY cast a huge policy. Who knows how long before, BABY in the evil full of yin and yang bend in the bizarre car accident. Liu Wei panic is very, the lion big mouth to Wu billion for a huge fee. At the same time, his activities were unscrupulous detective Fan Jian learned that Fan Jianshun threatened Liu Wei to lure the husband of the field power expired, took the opportunity to sweep away all his possessions property. Liu Wei smoothly with the power after the fleeing, they finally went to get ten miles, and the other husband also followed to. At the same time, Fan Jian died, was his deception Moulan and another man all the way to track clues, also came to the ghost building blocks get ten miles.


Quality: SD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 0