Death on the Tyne

Terry (Johnny Vegas) and Gemma (Sian Gibson) of Draper's Tours return with this murder-mystery spoof as they are joined by Mildred (Sheila Reid), Coleen (Sue Johnston) and Hilda (Georgie Glen) on the ferry of a lifetime.After a grand welcome with the crew, terror ensues. A murderer dressed in a dolphin costume wreaks havoc on the ship as passengers get slowly picked off. Coleen is battered with Secretions - a perfume brand available on board the ship, Tracy (Taj Atwal) is shot with a crossbow and the ship's engineer is stabbed with a wrench, after they try to warn passengers.The crew and Terry then search the ship in hopes of finding the murderer while the pressure inside the boat slowly rises as a flood is about to commence. Emily (Doon Mackichan) continues her affair with Alan (Don Gilet) before he is brutally beaten to death with a Choco Mound bar. The remaining passengers gather while the pressure reaches dangerous levels. Pipes begin to burst and the ship's power is cut off. ...


Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 5.9