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Wycliffe - Season 4 Episode 1 - Strangers

Tragic events unfold after a wedding with a bizarre guest list: the bride and groom, who have only known each other for three weeks, advertised for guests to attend the ceremony in Penzance. Next day, one of the couple is found stabbed to death in their luxurious honeymoon hotel.

Genre: Drama , Mystery , Crime


Country: UK

Episode: 1/15 eps

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1994

IMDb: 7

Season 5 - Wycliffe
"Lane investigates two drug dealers' deaths and defends Wycliffe against corruption allegations, after a woman from his past suddenly appears demanding help."
"Wycliffe is awarded the Queen's Medal for Gallantry. He then investigates the murder of a policeman, whose wife had been having an affair with another officer."
"Wycliffe is recovered and back at work. A local climber is killed in a cliff fall, and an unreliable informant claims he was pushed. A re-enactment of the fatal climb only adds to the suspicions."
"The wife of one of Kersey's friends goes missing after an evening class and later her tutor is found murdered. Kersey's relationship with Lane threatens to lead him into deep waters."
"A prostitute sparks a murder hunt when she tells Kersey that one of her clients confessed to killing another prostitute, but how believable is she?"
"In a police nursing home, Wycliffe ponders the future after the attempt on his life. Meanwhile, Kersey investigates a salmon poacher's suspicious death. Acting DCI Lane is tempted to move on and up."
Season 4 - Wycliffe