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UNHhhh - Season 5 Episode 7 - Doll Hoarder

Trixie & Katya have a passion for dolls, and yes, it is as on-brand as you would think.

Genre: Comedy , Talk-Show , Talk


Country: USA

Episode: 39/42 eps

Duration: NA

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 9

Season 5 - UNHhhh
"To celebrate it's 4th year on the interwebs, UNHhhh announces a new advice segment called #WOWHelpMe."
"For a show that rarely stays on topic, these moments from the last nine episodes didn't fit anywhere else. This episode of random clips will leave you feeling confused and a little horny."
"Trixie & Katya are almost too gay to function. Find out what makes these two homosexuals so flaming. The world is not ready for all this gay."
"Trixie & Katya have a passion for dolls, and yes, it is as on-brand as you would think."
"After being cast in two seasons of a reality TV competition series, Trixie & Katya have strong opinions about winning and losing. Join them as they finally ask the age old question: is Katya is gay enough to win a Tony?"
"These two squirrel-friends fantasize about how they would like to die in nature and what kind of animal they would like to be. Oh and remember that fly that landed on Trixie's mouth? We do too."
"Don't be shocked by the fact that these two queens are no stranger to the outdoors. But do be shocked by their bizarre knowledge of mother nature and the stories they have to share."
"Trixie & Katya are thirty, flirty and talkin' dirty. Katya explains to Trixie the highs and lows of reaching the 30 year milestone. Because what you see? Isn't always the truth."
"Two 'biological women' teach a class in the Defense Against the Dental Arts. Trixie shares details about her veneer makeover while being perplexed as to why Katya still has perfect teeth."
"Sorry kids, the bowl cut is still a thing in 2020. Because it's their show, and not yours. Are Trixie & Katya as excited for 2020 as you are? Find out that and what they are looking forward to this year."
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