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Three's Company - Season 6 Episode 16 - Hearts and Flowers

Janet's new boss is an efficiency expert and she drives Janet nuts. What doesn't help matters any is that Jack falls for her.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Don Nicholl , Michael Ross , Bernard West

Country: USA

Episode: 116/170 eps

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1976

IMDb: 7.1

Season 8 - Three's Company
"Jack and Vicky are really good together, despite Mr. Bradford's objections. Janet and Philip get married in the apartment, and Jack wants Vicky to marry him as well."
"While flying, Jack gets a fear of heights and a stewardess named Vicki Bradford helps him out. They even go out for the first time, against her father's wishes. Meanwhile, Philip, the guy we met in the last episode, proposes to Janet."
"An old flower shop customer of Janet's leaves her a little something in his will and his family tries to cut her out."
"Jack smashes Janet's new car and fakes amnesia to save his skin. The girls realize that Jack is fooling them and decides to get even with him."
"Jack helps out an art teacher by posing nude for her class."
"Jack's navy buddies take him to a tattoo parlor while he's drunk."
"After Jack finds a stray kitten and can't keep it due to the no-pet clause, the trio leaves it at Mr. Furley's doorstep. Mr. Furley is having fun until his brother Bart sends over an apartment inspector and the cat's owner winds up at the trio's apartment."
"When they surprise a burglar robbing the restaurant after store hours, Jack and Ralph are locked in the meat freezer by the thief."
"To help an old school chum save her marriage, Jack agrees to talk to her husband, a very jealous, big man. However, he learns she met with someone that day and now has poison ivy and so will the man she met up with...Jack."
"Janet's aerobics job seems to be in jeopardy, and Jack tries to go out with the female boss."
"The trio is suspicious of a new tenant, who they think is a jewel thief and a murderer. In actuality, he is a ventriloquist practicing for his act."
"Jack and Larry gambles with a lot of fake money, and they lose a lot."
"Terri goes out with a doctor who happens to be married, and the roommates plan to have the wife catch her husband and Terri together."
"Jack's father comes to two, but Jack is mad at him because of all the heartache he had caused."
"Larry enters one of Jack's recipes in a cooking contest which wins, but Jack finds out that the contest is open only to women. Jack dresses as a woman to enter a bake-off competition."
"Jack goes out with a sex therapist and Janet thinks that she is a prostitute."
"Jack gets Larry to go out with Janet's visiting friend because he already had a date planned."
"Jack tries to get a scathing letter from a food critic who thinks has written a bad review about his restaurant."
"Jack goes to an ATM machine and the machine goes haywire and spits out all of the money on Jack. He tries to get it back to the bank, but the bank is closed. Janet suggests that he hide it in the couch, which, incidentally, gets takes away by Furley who wants to put in a new couch!"
"Jack finds a magazine quiz about secret loves and thinks that either Janet or Terri is in love with him. He then gets them both alone in a cabin to find out who the mystery lover is."
"Jack's girlfriend wants him to be a father to her child."
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