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The Virginian - Season 6 Episode 11 - To Bear Witness

Harness maker Walter Varig (Harry Landers) and Dr. Baldwin (Malachi Throne) have an argument due to the fact Varig is reneging on a promise to let the doctor use some property for a new hospital in Medicine Bow. In town on business, Trampas has to restrain the doctor and escorts him back to his office. At the office, Dr. Baldwin finds his nurse, Carol Fisk (Joanna Moore), removing the damaged leg brace of Nancy (Lorette Strome), the young daughter of lawyer Arthur Blanton (William Windom). Trampas accompanies Carol to the blacksmith's, she to leave the leg brace for repairs, he to get a plow fixed. As Carol leaves she is approached by a drunken Walter Varig, her former boyfriend. He accuses her of having an affair with the doctor and reveals that is why he put a stop to the hospital. He knocks Carol down so Trampas intervenes and knocks down Varig who swears he will get Carol. He begins staking out Carol's residence to catch her with the doctor. After dinner, Trampas goes to retrieve t

Genre: Drama , Western


Country: USA

Episode: 154/192 eps

Duration: 90 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1962

IMDb: 6.3

Season 7 - The Virginian
"In Montana on business, The Virginian and Trampas stay at the inn run by Louis Boissevain (Ricardo Montalban), an exiled Canadian revolutionist, and his wife, Suzanne Mayo (Lois Nettleton) whom Trampas recognizes as a former love interest. The Shiloh duo find that some of Louis' former confreres want him to return to Canada to lead another revolution, but that there are traitors in the group who plan to hand Louis over to the Canadian government for execution."
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