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The Virginian - Season 5 Episode 8 - Trail to Ashley Mountain

Sheriff Mark Abbott (Ross Elliott) arrives at Ed Wells (Hugh Marlowe) ranch and finds him playing checkers with Trampas and being served lemonade by Ed's wife, Connie (Monica Lewis). The Sheriff finds a horse in the corral missing a shoe and reveals a shoe, along with a piece of fringe from a distinctive shirt Ed owned, were found at the scene of the murder of Cy Bates who had been robbed of $8,000 in gold. The shirt is missing and Ed claims he was home at the time of the robbery, meeting with travelling salesman/tinker Gabe Styles. Marks wants Ed to come to town with him. In private Ed asks his wife where the shirt is and she says she gave it to her brother Willy (Steve Carlson) who lives with them, a fact Ed hides from the Sheriff. After the Sheriff and Ed leave, Willy arrives and admits to his sister that he was at the robbery but claims an accomplice killed Cy Bates and that Ed will get off anyway once Gabe Styles confirms his alibi. However, unknown to all, Gabe has died a natural

Genre: Drama , Western


Country: USA

Episode: 127/192 eps

Duration: 90 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1962

IMDb: 6.3

Season 7 - The Virginian
"In Montana on business, The Virginian and Trampas stay at the inn run by Louis Boissevain (Ricardo Montalban), an exiled Canadian revolutionist, and his wife, Suzanne Mayo (Lois Nettleton) whom Trampas recognizes as a former love interest. The Shiloh duo find that some of Louis' former confreres want him to return to Canada to lead another revolution, but that there are traitors in the group who plan to hand Louis over to the Canadian government for execution."
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