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The Virginian - Season 5 Episode 27 - The Girl on the Pinto

On the range Trampas spots a girl (Valora Noland) riding a pinto whom he has seen before but whom no one believes exists including the Virginian. Trampas rides after her but she rides off refusing to talk to him. In town he sees her again with her mother, Miriam Harley (Vivi Janiss), learns her name is Amanda, and that her parents have bought a local farm. He tries to get her to go a dance but she refuses. As the Harley's leave town they are watched by a man, Richard Pierce (Warren Stevens), who has just arrived at the hotel. Pierce learns where the Harleys live and later visits and talks with Amanda but rides off when her father, Frederick (R. G. Amstrong) arrives. In town, Pierce tries to get the stationmaster to arrange to stop a train so it can drop off some horses and is overheard by Sheriff Mark Abbott. He also briefly talks with another man who arrives on the train, Bert Robinson (Sandy Kenyon). The Sheriff returns to the jail where Marshall John Howard (Ken Mayer) is waiting a

Genre: Drama , Western


Country: USA

Episode: 141/193 eps

Duration: 90 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1962

IMDb: 6.3

Season 7 - The Virginian
"In Montana on business, The Virginian and Trampas stay at the inn run by Louis Boissevain (Ricardo Montalban), an exiled Canadian revolutionist, and his wife, Suzanne Mayo (Lois Nettleton) whom Trampas recognizes as a former love interest. The Shiloh duo find that some of Louis' former confreres want him to return to Canada to lead another revolution, but that there are traitors in the group who plan to hand Louis over to the Canadian government for execution."
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