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The Virginian - Season 5 Episode 18 - Requiem for a Country Doctor

One morning the Virginian arrives in a small town to meet Stacey Grainger and sees a gallows being built. From the owner of the saloon, Clara Plain (Cloris Leachman), he learns Stacey is being held in jail and is scheduled to be hanged the next morning. The Sheriff (Ford Rainey) tells him Stacey lost in a card game watched by the beloved local doctor, John Marsh, and had harsh words with him and that the doctor had a large quantity of money he had collected for the local orphanage. Having no money, Stacey went out of town where he encountered and murdered the Sheriff for the money and was caught by two locals. Stacey claims he came upon the already dead doctor, heard someone running away and fired a waring shot into the dark. Although Stacey did not have the money on him, the Sheriff claims he threw it away when he heard men approaching. In the next cell to Stacey is Randall (Morgan Woodward) who is awaiting transfer to prison. The Virginian learns that Stacey's trial was called hastil

Genre: Drama , Western


Country: USA

Episode: 135/201 eps

Duration: 90 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1962

IMDb: 6.3

Season 7 - The Virginian
"In Montana on business, The Virginian and Trampas stay at the inn run by Louis Boissevain (Ricardo Montalban), an exiled Canadian revolutionist, and his wife, Suzanne Mayo (Lois Nettleton) whom Trampas recognizes as a former love interest. The Shiloh duo find that some of Louis' former confreres want him to return to Canada to lead another revolution, but that there are traitors in the group who plan to hand Louis over to the Canadian government for execution."
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