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The Ministry of Time - Season 1 Episode 4 - A deal in time

The Ministry of Time was created by Isabel la Católica in 1491 thanks to the gaining of the book of the doors, a book that Rabbi Abraham Leví gave her in exchange for protection for him and his family. The queen promised to protect him, but the cruel inquisitor Tomas de Torquemada sent him to the stake behind Isabel's back. The problem arises when the lawyer of the descendants of the rabbi discovers documents referring to the queen did not move a finger to save the rabbi and demands a huge compensation to the ministry in exchange for his silence. Therefore, contrary to the ministry's own rules, Salvador sends Julian, Amelia and Alonso to 1491 to save the rabbi from the stake, but there is a problem: the door to access 1491 is in a time loop. They only have one day to save the rabbi and therefore the ministry.

Episode: 4/34 eps

Duration: 70 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 7.1

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