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The Love Boat - Season 1 Episode 10 - Dear Beverly/The Strike/Special Delivery

An advice columnist neglects her husband to devote all her time to her fans, prompting him to seek affection elsewhere. A man with a negative history with Capt. Stubing fills in for the ailing chef. A frequent passenger, who is depressed about his impending divorce, winds up on the same cruise as his pregnant wife (who has failed to tell him about the baby). They somehow keep narrowly missing each other.

Genre: Drama , Comedy , Romance , Action & Adventure


Country: USA

Episode: 10/24 eps

Duration: 43 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1977

IMDb: 6.4

Season 1 - The Love Boat
"A young female passenger encourages Gopher to be his own person and stand up for himself to Captain Stubing. However, neither were expecting the consequences of their actions. A cheating husband is caught when his neighbors from home also board the cruise. However, being holed up in a cabin with his mistress isn't all that he hoped it would be. A businessman uses all his wiles to convince a grieving widow to sell her husband's business to a Japanese conglomerate. But he soon comes to realize that this may not be the best idea."
"A reformed prostitute causes trouble between a one-time ""John"" and his wife; Captain Stubing re-encounters an old flame; a fun-loving older couple help bring two lovers back together"
"A young bachelor must marry within the week in order to claim a $3 million inheritance; a drab widow poses as a glamorous adventuress and captures the heart of the Captain; a confirmed male chauvinist angers his fiancee, who finds comfort in sick bay with Doc; a scandal sheet reporter sets out to compile material for a sins-at-sea story."
"A couple takes their son on a cruise in an attempt to end his relationship with an unsuitable girl; a May-December couple rethink their romance; an ex-showgirl's glamorous past jeopardizes her new career as a registered nurse."
"An older couple's problems affect the marriage of newlyweds. An elderly man who is riddled with debts, but is desperate to take his wife on a cruise to meet their grandchildren, decides to pay for the trip with a dodgy deck of cards and aims to take the crew for all the money they have. A young man who is very inexperienced with women relies on a self-help book on how to win them over. However, he and Doc Bricker butt heads by going after the same girl."
"A slick computer matchmaker proceeds to pair up cruise guests while setting himself up with Julie; two American gold-diggers pretend to be French; a New York advertising executive meets up with a long-lost love."
"The crew after being informed that an inspector from the line will coming on board to do a report on them, but not knowing who he is, they try to be extra nice to anyone whom they is the inspector but always come up wrong. Two girls, one a stunner, the other, a plain girl. Now when two guys compete for the hot girl and when one of them gets her, the other has to take care of her companion."
"Stubing's nephew comes on board to train to be a seaman but doesn't do a good job at anything he does. A man who just stole a million dollars meets a woman who upon learning of what he has done reveals herself to be a cop who plans to turn him in. Two sisters compete for the affections of the same man."
"A congressman unjustly accused of being involved in a scandal seeks refuge aboard the Pacific Princess; Isaac and a lovely intellectual snob clash over a colorful old passenger; a beauty pageant contestant's whose chances of winning are jeopardized by her possessive boyfriend."
"(Part 1) The Love Boat sets sail with two famous Hollywood stars, married couple Roz Rogers and Bill Klieg who need to find a balance between their professional and personal lives. An inept team of thieves board the ship and try numerous tactics to steal the Star of Kashmir, an expensive jewel brought aboard the ship by Ms. Rogers. Two childhood friends from a school for the blind meet up on the ship - only one of them isn't blind anymore. But that's not the only secret he is keeping from his friend. A philandering husband looks like he will be found out when he boards the ship with both his wife and his mistress."
"Isaac's possessive mother becomes jealous of her son's lady friend, while he objects to his mom sharing a cabin with her latest boyfriend; a divorced comedy team is too busy making jokes to admit they miss each other; Gopher's budding romance is nearly foiled by a jewel-stealing monkey."
"A woman who believes her departed dad was a noble sea captain forms an attachment for a devilish old purser; a newlywed couple are prevented by dislocated backs, sunburn and even poison ivy from enjoying their honeymoon; the crew upgrades a couple with modest means to a luxurious suite without consulting Capt. Stubing, forcing the couple to pose as wealthy socialites."
"A crotchety old man and a teenage runaway form an unlikely friendship. Julie grows frustrated when an old friend of her brother's repeatedly rejects her advances without explanation. A pair of incompetent painters continually screws up the re-painting of Capt. Stubing's cabin."
"In a Christmas-themed cruise, the captain worries about how to effectively lead his ship but be a friend to his crew as well. A married couple who outwardly appear happy and in love are both desperate for the other person to give them a divorce - and they go to extreme measures to get it. An embittered ex-con boards the ship for a holiday with his wife but also with revenge on his mind for the person who framed him for the crime. A priest brings a group of orphans aboard for the cruise."
"An advice columnist neglects her husband to devote all her time to her fans, prompting him to seek affection elsewhere. A man with a negative history with Capt. Stubing fills in for the ailing chef. A frequent passenger, who is depressed about his impending divorce, winds up on the same cruise as his pregnant wife (who has failed to tell him about the baby). They somehow keep narrowly missing each other."
"The presence of the captain's demanding father leaves the entire crew on edge. A dog traps a passenger in his cabin. Three friends reunite on board the ship and try to meet men through an unusual game."
"A boy befriends a couple that recently lost its young son. A trainee schemes to steal Julie's job. A bickering married couple takes the cruise and stays in separate door to each other."
"Identical twins pretend to be one person in order to take the cruise on one fare. They leave Doc completely bewildered. Julie gets re-acquainted with an ex-lover, who claims to have broken things off with his wife. After suffering a series of accidents, the crew comes to believe that an elderly couple--which survived the Titanic--is cursed."
"An old friend of Julie's father turns to her for help reviving his sputtering stand-up comedy career. A meddling woman tries to interfere in her granddaughter's love life; she pushes her to date Doc, but her granddaughter wants to pursue romance with an old friend. A young man's fraternity brothers pressure him to lose his virginity during the cruise."
"A woman gets the wrong idea from her husband's secretive behavior and fears that he is plotting to murder her. Isaac begins a whirlwind romance with an internationally known singer. A couple suspects that a painfully boring passenger is actually a wanted jewel thief."
"A tennis star, temporarily confined to a wheelchair due to a back injury, rekindles an old romance with a sportswriter who had been critical of her recent performances. A woman with singing aspirations stows away on the ship in the hopes of making it to America and providing for her large family. A man annoys his wife and other passengers by constantly playing practical jokes."
"A divorced couple takes the cruise with new mates, and can't seem to avoid one another or stop arguing. Two adolescents develop an awkward flirtation. A senior group inadvertently interferes with its director's fledgling romance with Julie."
"A man must pose as a woman to gain passage on the ship so that he can pursue an ex-girlfriend. A bickering married couple gets trapped in the elevator. A detective falls for a married woman whose husband has hired him to trail her."
"Captain Stubbing and his Ex Wife have to face the realities of a bad resolved separation when they find themselves trapped on the same cruise. The future wife of a powerful political congressman worries that the photo she took for an erotic magazine some years back will jeopardize his husband's political career, so she tries to cover this fact from him, by hiding all the copies of the magazine that are available in the ship, until she finds the courage to confess her past to her husband. Ginny O'Brien is followed by his future, but hard to commit boyfriend through all the ports where the cruise passes. however she's not going to accept a relationship without a proposal of marriage"