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The High Chaparral - Season 1 Episode 6 - Young Blood

The future of the ranch is jeopardized when bandits steal a prize bull and breeding stock which Billy Blue Cannon and Manolito Montoya have bought in Mexico with the last of the Cannon money. Victoria persuades husband John Cannon to send the boys to her father's rancho for the cattle after his brother Buck Cannon is injured. Manolito bargains with his father, Don Sebastian Montoya, for his second best bull. Don Sebastian thinks the boys are pulling a prank and hires bandits to steal the bull. They boys make a desperate attempt to catch the thieves and still prove their trustworthiness.

Genre: Western


Country: USA

Episode: 6/39 eps

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1967

IMDb: 7.6

Season 4 - The High Chaparral
"This episode involves the suspenseful moments spent by innocent bystanders taken hostage during an attempted bank robbery. During what he hoped to be the last robbery of his crime-filled career, Morgan MacQuarie imperils the lives of a group of hostages including Victoria and Wind. MacQuarie's problems mount when his robbery plan goes awry and the ensuing delay prompts an open defiance among his own men."
"An all-out Indian war is threatened when a wounded Apache leader is held hostage at the Cannon ranch. Although the original intent to bring wounded Apache warrior Sangre to the Cannon ranch was to give him aid, his presence stirs up a bitter reaction from his own people and from Lt. Allen, head of a cavalry unit that wants Sangre on homicide charges. The circumstance places John Cannon and his ranch in the middle of an impending battle."
"Gilbert Roland guest stars as the surprise heir to the Montoya ranch in this special two-hour presentation. The sudden, peaceful passing of Don Sebastian Montoya brings his daughter Victoria, his son Manolito, John Cannon and Buck to the Montoya ranch to attend funeral services and to settle estate matters. All are amazed to learn the will leaves the vast Montoya holding to Don Sebastian's ne'er-do-well brother Don Domingo, a charming, irresponsible rascal currently living in Mexico City. Upon his return to the family home to claim his legacy, Domingo shocks the family by announcing he plans to sell the ranch and travel. A series of unexplained raids on his new-found cattle and property serves to uncover a little-known dimension of Don Domingo"
Season 2 - The High Chaparral
Season 1 - The High Chaparral