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The High Chaparral - Season 1 Episode 14 - Mark of the Turtle

John Cannon risks breaking a mutual defense agreement with Victoria's father and dissolution of his marriage when his ranch hands join a posse searching for marauding bandits in Mexico. Marshal Virgil Shanks leads the posse into Mexico and comes into strong conflict with Buck and the Cannon cowhands when he disregards the delicacy of the situation and rides boldly onto Montoya land. Manolito finds the bandit leader, El Lobo, on his father's land and attempts to move the bandits out before the posse moves in for the kill.

Genre: Western


Country: USA

Episode: 14/36 eps

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1967

IMDb: 7.6

Season 2 - The High Chaparral
"Victoria reopens Tucson's only school and befriends a troubled Mexican boy, but is kidnapped by the boy's father. Alberto Ruis, wanted in a slaying, abandons his son Carlos to flee a posse. Carlos remembers his father's promise to return, agrees to live with a local family and attend Victoria's school. He reacts quickly to her affection, but class bullies taunt the boy until he rides to rejoin his father. Victoria and Pedro locate Carlos with his father, Alberto, but Alberto kidnaps Victoria for ransom."
"Don Sebastian, wounded by a would-be assassin, plays on the sympathy of his family and friends in a scheme to gain control of the Cannon Ranch. On his pretended death bed, Don Sebastian extracts a promise from Manolito to marry Anita Santiago, a beautiful but headstrong neighbor in a plot to join the two ranchos. Victoria gives in to her father's wish to persuade John to sign the Cannon Ranch over to Manolito. Don Sebastian's plan begins to falter when Mano learns that his father is faking, and the assassin returns for a second attempt on Don Sebastian's life."
"Buck hires saddle tramp Orville Kilroy, who hides his criminal past and quickly becomes the most popular hand on the Cannon Ranch. Blue admires Kilroy's ability with a gun, the bunkhouse gang respects him as a top hand, and John Cannon is fascinated with his chess game. Telford Burris and his two sons trail Kilroy to Tucson and accuse him of running out with the money from a robbery. When the Burrises corner Kilroy, Buck must help the new hand to keep Blue's idol from crumbling, or turn the thieves over to the law."
"A dishonest Indian agent jeopardizes the future of an Apache reservation started by John Cannon. Capt. Albert Surtee threats the hungry reservation Indians harshly. John takes the law into his own hands and fires Surtee. He suspects Surtee has hired renegade Chief Cubero to start trouble and to steal government cattle. John and Billy Blue attempt to prove John's suspicions by exposing themselves to attack by Surtee and renegade Indians."
"A flamboyant Irishman cons Buck into buying a camel, promising it will revolutionize the cattle industry. Cavalry trooper Flanagan misinterprets an order to ""shoe"" his camel Tillie as ""shoot"" and deserts his unit to save the camel's life. Flanagan wears out his welcome at the Cannon Ranch when he cheats at poker, steals Manolito's girl, Pearlita, and admits Tillie can't herd cattle. When Flanagan attempts to escape the Cannon Ranch with Tillie and rejoin the cavalry, he discovers the unit is surrounded by Indians."
"Victoria, feeling ignored, leaves her husband John but finds little peace of mind at her father's ranch. Manolito joins Victoria at the Montoya Ranch and vies with his father, Don Sebastian Montoya, for the attention of Countess Maria. Victoria objects to the countess until she learns the countess has been through similar quarrels with her own several husbands. Buck persuades John he has taken his wife too much for granted. John finds it difficult to forget ranch work and turn romantic to win Victoria's return."
"Billy is taken hostage by Apaches after he ignores Buck's advice and frees a white girl from them. Buck learns Apache leader Santos considers himself to be Sarah's husband. Buck hesitates to use force which would break the Cannon peace treaty with the Indians. Santos threatens Billy's life unless Sarah is returned."
"Manolito leaves the routine of the Cannon Ranch searching excitement and becomes involved with three uniformed musicians. Mano contemplated joining El Lobo, his old bandit friend, until he learns El Lobo has robbed Capt. Ellie Strong and her two followers. He steals money from the bandit to finance Capt. Strong's trip to Tombstone to escape El Lobo and the Mexican authorities, who seek Manolito's capture for petty crimes. Buck takes an interest in Capt. Strong and joins the group. The success of the trip appears questionable when El Lobo, Apaches and Mexican authorities appear."
"Lucien Charot raises his freight prices by having Indian attacks faked against his wagons. John interests an El Paso stage and freight line in extending operations to Tucson with local merchants financing the plan. Charot increases the phony raids and the frightened merchants withdraw from the deal. John then puts his ranch up to guarantee the initial safety of the new line. Victoria joins John for the first ride into Tucson while Charot and his gunmen wait in ambush."
Season 1 - The High Chaparral