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Rugged Justice - Season 1 Episode 5 - Life or Death

The team runs an undercover operation to stop illegal shooting in the pitch-black woods. An out of control suspect tries to evade arrest, tragedy strikes on a desert highway, and an outstanding warrant turns a family boat cruise into a nightmare.

Genre: Reality-TV


Country: Canada

Episode: 5/16 eps

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 10

Season 2 - Rugged Justice
"Police release a menacing bear back into the forest and confront campers with a fire in a no burn area. On the water, a vessel is in danger of sinking and an intoxicated boater is apprehended. Finally, a sex offender tries to flee after being confronted."
"Washington's Department of State Fish and Wildlife police swing into action and arrest a man with multiple warrants and hunt down an assailant in a large beach brawl. Later, they confront a salmon poacher and deal with belligerent fishermen."
"The WDFW police officers ensure the safety of orca whales and a mother hen and her ducklings. A repeat offender with a dangerous past is arrested and an intoxicated driver is apprehended. After a stakeout, a black market shrimp trafficker is confronted."
"The WDFW police race to rescue passengers on a capsized boat and arrest a suspect with multiple drug warrants. The rise of dead sturgeon on the Columbia River is investigated and a bear carcass is put to good use by a local tribe."
"The WDFW police arrest an intoxicated and belligerent driver while a lying suspect with a warrant for obstructing law enforcement is apprehended. Men illegally fishing are confronted and an officer encounters a homeless man and his puppy."
"Washington's Department of Fish and Wildlife police prevent the spread of a brush fire and discover marijuana grow on public land. A known sex offender is apprehended, and an officer interrupts illegally fishing activity."
"In busy waters, Washington's Fish and Wildlife respond to a boating accident victim. Then the officers face a suspect with a dangerous past and arrest a man who refuses to believe in state laws. Finally, an officer helps a trapped deer and an injured owl."
"Washington Fish & Wildlife police arrest two dangerous men on felony warrants, while a fugitive at large is captured. An officer jumps to action when a car collision occurs and a trombone player serenades an officer."
"The Fish and Wildlife Police swing into action to release a menacing bear into the wild, a DUI driver is apprehended, suspects with multiple warrants are caught and taken to jail, and an officer attempts to save ducklings trapped in a storm drain."
"Washington State's Fish & Wildlife Police confront bear poachers as an inebriated suspect is taken to jail. A man with an outstanding warrant is caught having sexual relations with a woman and an officer has a surprise run in with a rattlesnake."
Season 1 - Rugged Justice