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My Big Fat Fabulous Life - Season 5 Episode 5 - Buddy's Big Secret

Buddy’s been missing for over a week and a visit to his parents’ house has Whitney uncovering the harsh truth. Meanwhile, Ashley’s about to give birth and the reality of it all has her falling apart. Will Whitney’s blessing ceremony do the trick?

Genre: Reality-TV , Reality


Country: USA

Episode: 42/62 eps

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 7.5

Season 6 - My Big Fat Fabulous Life
"Buddy goes missing in Columbus and Whitney threatens to cancel class; with the biggest city on the BGDC tour still looming, Whitney suspects sabotage when Todd messes up the choreography; Whitney is conflicted over meeting Buddy's new girlfriend."
"Whitney invites Buddy on the road; the BGDC Pittsburgh class is overbooked in a cramped venue, jeopardizing the tour; Buddy's back pain flares, threatening his sobriety; after a rough night, Buddy is missing and Whitney is forced to leave him behind."
"Whitney plans the BGDC tour. Buddy shares disturbing feelings with potentially deadly consequences. Babs is taken on a surprise trip. Whitney is forced to confront Buddy after finding drugs. Heather is devastated when Whitney's secret is revealed."
"Whitney discovers a shocking family secret; a fertility doctor gives Whitney life-changing information; Whitney has to hide Buddy's visit from Heather; Todd agrees to take BGDC on tour; when Buddy disappears, Whitney and Tal fear the worst."
"Whitney visits Buddy in D.C., where they share a surprise kiss; Heather struggles to get over Buddy; Whitney confronts her parents' aging; Whitney receives painful news; Buddy's late-night call leads Whitney to question his sobriety."
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