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MADtv - Season 1 Episode 26 - Episode 26

Genre: Animation , Comedy

Director: Adam Small , Fax Bahr

Country: USA

Episode: 14/35 eps

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1995

IMDb: 6.1

Season 1 - MADtv
"Sketches include ""X-News #1"", ""Headache #1"", ""Beauty Pageant"", ""The New Job"", ""Spy Vs Spy-Projector"", ""X-News #2"", ""Babewatch"", ""Headache #2"", ""Drug Bust"", ""Monologue-Bruce McCulloch"", ""Leevis #2"", ""Funeral DJ"", ""Headache #3"", ""Spy Vs Spy-Love Robot"", ""X-News #3"", ""Hearing"", ""Spy Vs Spy-Fail Safe"""
"X-News #1 International Coffee-Hangover Ozark Singled Out Dole Commercial Casino Man International Coffee-Ripped Off X-News #2 Doctor's Visit Insanely Disappointed International Coffee-Kidnapping X-News #3 Survival Weekend Spy Vs Spy-Slam Dunk The Big Game"
"Easy to Assemble Wonder Rake 5000 Vancome Lady-Dept. Store Santa Fruitcake Vs Santa Spy Vs Spy-Plunger Raging Rudolph College Advisor The X-mas That Santa Forgot The Bank Monologue-Pauly Shore Donut Shop Happy Go Lucky Phil Last Call Spy Vs Spy-Tank Bomb"
"Sweatin' to the O.G.'s Lottery Losers Lottery-Producers Daytime Jane-Ellen Monologue-L.L.Cool J. The Octoroon Don Martin-Scalpel Daytime Jane-Larry Gump Fiction Scat Chat Spy Vs Spy-Jail Spring UBS Promotion Daytime Jane-Ed Ejaculation Monologue Fabulous--featuring RuPaul Don Martin-Rescue Plane Lady Madness Spy Vs Spy-Dream Boat"
"Lowered Expectations-Dave Ken Norton Jr. Opening Organ Donors Disruptive Principal Lowered Expectations-Phil Navajo Football League Don Martin-Water-skiing Tyson vs. Barty Hard to Oppress Vud Light--Mob Spy Vs Spy-Funland Happy Happy Storytime Lady Lowered Expectations-Orlando Tapeworm Monologue Don Martin-Fat Freak Math Made Easy Monologue-Dave Foley Vud Light-Devil Imaginary Friends Spy Vs Spy-Torpedo Duck, Duck, Goose"
"O.J. Plates When We Knew... Calvin Klein Ad#1 Stop Smoking #1 Oprah Winfrey Swimming Pool Stop Smoking #2 Vague Calvin Klein Ad#2 Stop Smoking #3 Clueless of the Lambs Monologue-Dana Gould Don Martin-Harp Fall Nicole's Monologue Movie Trailer Party of Five-Nicole's Visit Spy Vs Spy-Slinky Debbie Dander-Seminar Training Calvin Klein #3 Spy Vs Spy-Sunbeam"
"Conference Call IZM-Paris Krishna Rock Lowered Expectations-Mary Urine Monologue Affirmative Crips Got Urine? Don Martin-Beach Shovel Larry King Gone Mad Lowered Expectations-Artie IZM-Torture When Harry Met Willy Lowered Expectations-Nicole IZM-Drug Deal Celibacy Backstage Spy Vs Spy-Log Jam"
"Sketches include ""Life With Buffer,"" ""Highagain,"" ""Boxing Corner,"" ""#1-Hair,"" ""P.R.,"" ""Spy Vs Spy--Umbrella,"" ""Boxing Corner #2-Makeup,"" ""Vancome Lady ER,"" ""Lying,"" ""Boxing Corner #3-Birthday,"" ""Woody Allen Action Flick,"" ""Sex Therapist,"" ""Dennis Rodman PSA,"" ""Family Feed,"" ""Republican Gladiators,"" ""Don Martin-Fisherman,"" ""Advice,"" ""Other White Meat,"" ""Spy Vs Spy-Sewer Chase"""
"Sketches include ""Phone Sex"", ""A.D.D. Girl"", ""NDI Vs AE&E; #1-Nicole"", ""Outing Dummy"", ""Psychic Cop"", ""Spy Vs Spy-Tuba Bang"", ""Debra and Debbie"", ""Racism Vs Spam"", ""First to a Million"", ""Don Martin- Wish Bone"", ""Apollo the 13th"", ""Phil's Mulatto Monologue"", ""Don Martin- Blow Up Girl"", ""Cookin' With Sherry"", ""Circus Guy"", ""Homeland Improvement"", ""NDI Vs AE&E; #2-Woman"", ""Rolling Stones Video-Like A Rolling Stone"""
"LAPD Correct Nicole's Room Quantum Dream Team Powerbook #1: Newt Don Martin- Ice Cube Boy Virtual Homeless Bryan's Monologue Pick Up and Delivery Spy Vs Spy-Gorilla Phil's Monologue Crimson Tide 2 Post Office Massacre Powerbook #4: Snoop Don Martin-Frog Legs New Neighbors Mary's Monologue Air Guitar Store Spy Vs Spy-Train Powerbook #2: McVeigh"
"Casting MADtv/Cast Open Vud #1-Tongue Vancome Lady- Make-up Counter Ice Cube/Ice-T Video News Report 911 Spy Vs Spy-Bomb Don Martin- Camping Nicole's Monologue Gump Fiction Spike Lee Red Devil Ham Kato Tells All Poison Dave's Monologue Spy Vs Spy- Pogo Stick Second Hand Cancer Debra's Monologue MacDumpsters Don Martin- Out of Gas Artie's Monologue Deep Stain Nine Vud #2- Watch Out"