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L.A.'s Finest - Season 2 Episode 8 - Bad Company

The LAPD team races against the clock to rescue one of their own.

Genre: Drama , Action , Comedy , Crime


Country: USA

Episode: 25/33 eps

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 5.6

Season 2 - L.A.'s Finest
"McKenna grieves the death of a loved one with Syd by her side. The LAPD detectives work as a united force to put an end to Lustrum Holdings and restore peace in Koreatown."
"As Patrick waits for the election results, the team works tirelessly to find Malcolm Ward, a killer at large. Syd offers to tell internal affairs the truth about what happened in the scrap yard."
"Syd and Baines are threatened by an internal affairs investigation regarding Beverly Gamble's death; McKenna and Walker interrogate Duke Ingram which leads the team to an unexpected arms dealer."
"When Emma goes missing, Syd will stop at nothing to bring her back home to her family. An undercover McKenna attends a veteran's retreat that could be sourcing the highly skilled Koreatown criminals."
"Syd learns that the crime wave in Koreatown is forcing people out of their homes, drawing the attention of Ricky Leon. The LAPD searches for the team responsible for a deadly dispensary robbery."
"The LAPD team races against the clock to rescue one of their own."
"After sharing the truth about Jen's passing with her family, Syd receives some unexpected help on the case. McKenna and Patrick make a tough decision."
"Amidst the chaos of investigating a case that overlaps with Nico's new hustle, McKenna starts family therapy, and Syd delivers bad news to Jen's family."
"After the team connects a new mobile app to a string of crimes, it learns that the Koreatown crime wave is far from over. Syd discovers a shocking truth about who Jen really was."
"With the Koreatown shooter behind bars, the team catches a new case involving a collegiate swimmer who is found dead in an apparent hit-and-run. Syd uncovers a new clue from Jen's past."
"After confronting one of Jen's old clients, Syd and McKenna think they are on the right track when their lives are threatened; on the Koreatown case, the team finally zeroes in on the criminal"
"As the team searches for the culprit behind the Koreatown crime surge, McKenna is triggered by memories from her experience in Iraq. Syd discovers a tape of Jen with an unexpected client."
"With McKenna's help, Syd searches for Jen's killer as she grieves the loss of her friend. The death of a Koreatown legend has the community up in arms wondering who could be responsible."
Season 1 - L.A.'s Finest