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Hey Arnold! - Season 3 Episode 16 - Roller Coaster

A roller coaster breaks down while Eugene and Arnold are at the top of its tallest drop.

Episode: 58/98 eps

Duration: 11 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1994

IMDb: 7

Season 5 - Hey Arnold!
"Ernie starts dating a tall model, but she doesn't want to continue dating him because of his height."
"Harold is suspended and will do anything to get back into school."
"Sid becomes obsessed with cleanliness."
"Helga inscribes her name in her Arnold locket."
"When Phoebe breaks a leg after being hit by a truck, Helga believes it's her fault (and it is), so she starts being nice to Phoebe. Yet when Phoebe's leg heals, she decides to stay disabled for a little longer."
"The kids must face two bullies when a new kid, Ludwig, returns and wants the vacant lot for himself."
"When Mr. Simmons is upset that Principal Wartz is being too strict with the students, Wartz decides to resign and he selects Mr. Simmons to take his place. The newly promoted Principal Simmons decides to make massive reforms to permit the school environment to be more liberal, though will the students at P.S. 118 appreciate his authority?"
"Arnold, Sid and Gerald find a bag filled with money, but when Arnold loses it, everyone thinks he stole it. (Didn't I see this before? Probably in a similar story on a Doug episode entitled ""Doug's in the Money"")"
"Olga gets into a "Big Sis" program, but her "Lil' Sis" is Lila."
"Sid thinks Stinky is a vampire."
"Mr. Green runs for city council."
"Helga decides to act like Lila so Arnold will like her.."
"Helga and Harold must return to town on their own after the bus leaves them behind after a school trip to a chocolate factory, and Helga has tickets for a wrestling match and she can't be late."
"When Arnold gives the superhero Monkeyman a taste of normal life, he's far too busy to bother helping the weak and downtrodden."
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