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Heartland Docs, DVM - Season 1 Episode 5 - Old Town Rodeo

The Schroeders assist local ranchers ahead of the rodeo.

Genre: Reality-TV


Country: USA

Episode: 5/14 eps

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2020

IMDb: 10

Season 2 - Heartland Docs, DVM
"Leading up to a big family dinner, Drs. Schroeder are challenged by some rare animal cases. Dr. Erin performs life-saving surgery on a gigantic dog, while Dr. Ben tries to get to the bottom of what’s ailing an underweight cow."
"Dr. Erin heals a bunny that can’t walk while Dr. Ben helps a hypothermic horse and an anxious dog."
"While Dr. Erin has her hands full with a dog that was injured in a fight, Dr. Ben nurses a newborn calf back to health. Later, the whole family heads to a local Nebraska conservation site to assess the health of a herd of bison."
"After an aging horse gives birth, Drs. Schroeder rush to examine the newborn. They administer a plasma transfusion to the baby horse to increase its odds of surviving"
"Drs. Schroeder handle some surprise cases at the clinic, and Dr. Erin has a hard time letting go of one of her most prized possessions."
"Drs. Schroeder head west to round up 650 cows for their annual pregnancy check."
"Drs. Schroeder know that caring for animals takes a village. In this episode, they lend a helping hand to a few furry friends in need."
Season 1 - Heartland Docs, DVM