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Friends of the People - Season 2 Episode 1 - Black Mad Men

A million dollar game show heist; a date turned barely legal; a superhero with the power of song; guest starring Brian McKnight.

Genre: Comedy


Country: USA

Episode: 1/10 eps

Duration: 23 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 6.4

Season 2 - Friends of the People
"FOTP sketches include banned scenes from Double Dare (starring Marc Summers), a man afflicted with waffle hands, and bone-crunching action from the Concussion League. Plus, guest star David Alan Grier fires a super hero."
"FOTP brings justice served Lucas Bros-style, an unusually timid hood beef with guest star J.D. Williams, and wrestling stars, D'Lo Brown and Tatanka. Plus, Eric Andre makes an appearance to discuss a media mogul's controversial purchase."
"FOTP reveals the epic horrors of your friends finding your unlocked phone, Lil Rel and guest star, Deon Cole's heartfelt PSA turns into a canine vendetta, and special guest Jim Norton visits the set of Master P Wee's Playhouse."
"FOTP brings the funny with financially-savvy rap stars, an indestructible award-winning actress, and guest star Ed Lover challenges an obscure 1980's action hero. Plus, Great White Haters show how racism historically backfires."
"The FOTP gang explores the rise and fall of The California Raisins with guest Jeff Ross, a party is ruined by the president, and the Lucas Brothers try their hand at Star Wars. Plus, see why ghetto living is a blessing in disguise."
"An animator's struggle to conceal his x-rated art; a high school basketball player dying for super powers; a pre-historic narcotics officer."
"FOTP brings sketches including a product pitchman with poor pronunciation, a crime scene cover-up that gets squirrely and the return of Mr. Huffton. Plus, the cast tags in Jake the Snake, Mick Foley, and X-Pac for some high impact back-up."
"Skeches include: a bathroom line leader; a cinema classic redone by the Lucas brothers. Also, on-the-street interviews are conducted."
"The FOTP introduce sketches that include; the plight of house hunters in Gotham City, a preacher who suffers with an ungodly Wi-Fi connection, and a virginity story that ends in tragedy and jail time."
"A million dollar game show heist; a date turned barely legal; a superhero with the power of song; guest starring Brian McKnight."