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Drop Dead Gorgeous - Season 1 Episode 1 - Episode 1

15-year-old twins Ashley and Jade are sitting in their local café when they are approached by a model spotter from a local agency. But it’s not the beautiful Jade who gets the nod, it’s self-confessed lanky geek Ashley. Parents Pauline and Terry want to support their daughter and give her the best opportunity – so Pauline goes ahead and makes the call. Within days Ashley is introduced to her agent Murray Priestman, contracts are signed, promises are made, and life in the Webb household starts to change. Pauline’s routine of making dinners at the local school, selling cosmetics, and drinking down the local takes a bit of a battering as she encourages Ashley on her big adventure. Twin sister Jade finds it increasingly difficult to deal with her jealousy, now that life seems to revolve around Ashley. Ashley, meanwhile, once she gets over the initial nerves, seems to be fitting into her new life perfectly. It's not long before she gets the call that could change the fortunes of the entire family forever...

Genre: Drama , Comedy


Country: UK

Episode: 1/10 eps

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2006

IMDb: 6

Season 2 - Drop Dead Gorgeous
"Jade discovers the truth about Terry's affair, and just as Pauline and Terry fight to keep their marriage and their family together a secret from their past comes back to haunt them. Murray is made an offer he can't refuse, and its time for Ashley to decide what she really wants."
"Terry starts his new night security job and enjoys the attention of a regular evening visitor. Now that Ashley's profile and income are growing, so are Murray's nerves, as other agents start to sniff around her. Pauline makes a terrible discovery that will blow the family apart."
"Murray attempts to keep a lid on Ashley's affair, trying to keep both Terry and Jade quiet and on-side, and puts Ben into hiding. On the day the family say their final farewells to Tiggsy, a grieving clan Webb move into the house of Pauline's dreams with Ashley as landlord, but Ashley's not sure this is the life she really wants."
"Brutus has been kidnapped and Murray sends Nana in to negotiate his release. Val spends a night to forget with Howard, and Tiggsy has a final drink with his mates in the pub. Terry discovers the truth about Ashley's secret affair."
"Murray returns from a business trip to discover his flat has been cleaned out and his husband is nowhere to be seen. Jade and Darren start making plans to move into a flat together and Ashley wonders whether she has found 'the one'."
"Murray gets married to his partner and while on his honeymoon Pauline takes over. Ashley is in the running to be a model for Chanel while her brother and Moonbase are selling pictures of her and her underwear. Meanwhile Tiggsy finds he's only got months to live."
Season 1 - Drop Dead Gorgeous