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Drinking Made Easy - Season 1 Episode 9 - Philadelphia

Host Zane Lamprey travels to Philadelphia, where he drinks beer from Presidential recipes, visits the oldest bar in the city, and discovers the temple shot.

Genre: Documentary , Reality-TV , Comedy


Country: USA

Episode: 9/48 eps

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2010

IMDb: 6

Season 3 - Drinking Made Easy
"On the season finale of Drinking Made Easy season 3, the guys head to downtown Los Angeles to find explore some secret bars, breweries, and even wineries! We dive deep into the Downtown underground to find some awesome speak easy bars as well as historic establishments that have survived the test of time to provide some great drinks. We also wrap up things up by announcing the winner of the 6-pack challenge for the season. For the first time, the boys are tied at the season’s end so who ever wins the next match wins the season!"
"The guys head up to Long Island through the Hamptons to Montauk to drink at the most eastern end of New York state. The guys will visit wineries, breweries, and some cool bars with original drink creations. We try to pass Steve off as a respectable doctor and he even gets a chance to produce! This episode also holds the record for the most straw races in Drinking Made Easy history! Needless to say, doctor McKenna gets very McKenna’d."
"Drinking Made Easy heads to Providence, Rhode Island where Zane Lamprey and Steve McKenna will imbibe in many a beer and cocktail. Along with exploring the rich history of Rhode Island’s largest city, the guys will also be stepping up the competitiveness with straw challenges, food challenges, and another specialty cocktail competition."
"Drinking Made Easy heads to the state with most breweries per-capita as they visit Burlington, Vermont. In addition to visiting multiple breweries like Magic Hat and Switchback, Zane Lamprey and Steve Mckenna will also learn about bitters, infusion, and Burlington’s bar scene. There is a wide spectrum of drinking knowledge in this episode, from craft cocktails, craft beer, and craft…shots and bombs."
"Drinking Made Easy finishes up its tour of Canada in Montreal where they experiment with some zesty mixology and experience a whole lot of Canadian craft beer. Steve dresses up as a hockey player but still manages to throw them back with his huge gloves. Steve also decides to challenge Zane at Champagne Bottle Sabering even though Zane holds the world record."
"Zane and Steve freshen up on their french as they venture to Quebec, Canada to explore what they have to offer the areas of beer, liquor, and nightlife. They will embrace the rich culture, see the sites, frolic in the countryside and enjoy the many great libations Quebec has to offer. Also, in the episode, Steve is Mime! Not a very good one, but at least he can’t say anything dumb, though somehow he still gets his points across."
"Drinking Made Easy continues its trek through the Alaska’s great wilderness and stops in Juneau in search of some great bars and beverages. Zane and Steve visit some of Alaska’s great historic places like the Alaska Hotel and Red Dog Saloon. The boys also fly and hike up to a glacier wall to do a bit of ice climbing."
"Drinking Made Easy heads way up north to Anchorage, Alaska to explore drinking in America’s largest state (yes, it its bigger than Texas). Zane and Steve drink vodka on the Kachemak Bay with real glacier ice, taste some exceptional meads and beer, and hit up the local bars that are full of history and great drinks."
"Drinking Made Easy heads to Indianapolis to taste the local flavor and explore distilleries, breweries, and some historic bars dating back to the 19th century. They also get a chance to visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to take a ride AND work on a million dollar car. Lots of great bars, cool drinks, and fun times ahead."
"Zane and Steve head down to bourbon county in Louisville, Kentucky to learn more about America’s official spirit and this great southern city. We turn Steve into a proper southern gentleman and then make him less and less proper by tasting a whole lot of bourbon as we crawl a bunch of great bourbon bars."
"The boys travel down to the bayou in Louisiana for Drinking Made Easy: Baton Rouge. They visit Tin Roof Brewing Company and participate in the new hip thing, Stacked Beer Shotgunning. They also create their own beer recipes at The Chimes; sort some crawfish and dance the Fais Do Do at Sammy’s, do some voodoo at Boudreaux & Thibodeaux, and get a little wild at Fred’s."
"The river walk in San Antonio, Texas; "brewstillery"; bull ride."
"Drinking Made Easy is back with a brand new season of travel and drinking. To kick things off we start in Houston, the largest city in Texas and fourth largest in the United States. Zane Lamprey and Steve McKenna will visit Texas’ oldest craft brewery, Saint Arnold Brewing Company, and check out some great mixology, dive, and party bars. The boys also get down and dirty with some pig scramblin’ and attempt a world record for the fastest firken race"
Season 2 - Drinking Made Easy
Season 1 - Drinking Made Easy